What Mr. Steele Could Have Said


“Yes, what Rush stands for by and large are conservative values and that is what we stand for. He is not a politician or leader of the party in that sense, but he is a leader in communicating the truth of conservative values. Both he, and I want the country to succeed despite Obama’s attempt to drag us into socialism, Marxism or communism. But we do not want Obama to succeed in remaking America into a socialist Marxist or communist state. We don’t want him to succeed in spending more taxpayer money than we have spent in the entire history of our country, We don’t want him to succeed in dumping trillions of our dollars into bottomless pits, like bailouts, education beurocracy, carbon trading, and nationalized health care. We don’t want him to succeed in gaining government control of our businesses. Even the mere mention of another Obama policy sends the market down another hundred points. Of course we want him to fail in his efforts to destroy our stock market. We don’t want him to succeed in reviving partial birth abortion so that babies who are perfectly formed and viable can be ripped apart by people like the abortionist George Tiller, the great supporter of Obama’s choice for secretary of Health and Human services. Who by the way is so extreme in her denial of rights to the unborn that she cannot even receive communion in her own church. We don’t want him to succeed in sacrificing national defense for a little cooperation from Russia. We don’t want him to succeed in spending billions to help our enemies rebuild a territory that they destroyed by terrorist activities against our allies.


We don’t want him to succeed in restricting the liberties of every American to go the schools of their choosing, to bear arms, to drive the cars that they choose, to give to the charities of their choosing, to get the health care that they and their doctor agree to, to know if their 13 year old daughter is being statutorily raped and having an abortion, to listen to the radio show of their choice, to buy gas without a 400% government imposed tax, and perhaps most importantly at this time, not to have their money confiscated by the force of law to be redistributed to those who curry favor with the President. The Obama plan is theft on a grand scale, theft of our money, our savings, our ability to choose, our futures, and our children’s futures and our God given liberties. Liberty that our ancestor’s have already died for time and time again as greater men than our current President tried to snatch them from us. And to the extent that Rush Limbaugh is hoping for the failure of these polices, then you are darn right that I agree with him. And as the American people come to realize the depth of the Obama deception, despite the mainstream media’s complicity in that deception, they, The American People, will want him to fail too.”



Why should he say this? The mistake being made by the gutless RNC is the fear that Rahm’s plan will work. That is believing that by agreeing with Rush, they will alienate the center. This is false. Think Howard Dean. Not exactly a centrist head of the DNC. He fired up the base, which in turn fired up the centrists. The only way we win is to communicate conservative values. The base must lead us out of the wilderness, or we will never get out. Now is not the time to pander to the middle. The only way to show the severity of the crisis that Obama and Pelosi are attempting to impose upon us, is to demonstrate the validity of the polar opposite. Who is impressed by saying we only want to spend 2 trillion compared to the White House’s 4 trillion? Who is impressed by saying we want cap and trade, but we want to wait a few years to impose it. Who is impressed by saying we want to bail out the Banks, but we don’t want to nationalize them?


The left wing media will always overestimate their ability to demonize conservatism, and members of the party will always overestimate their ability to be demonized – because they all live in a sheltered world of lefties. If the RNC can’t answer tough questions about conservatism, it is because they don’t know conservative principles. For goodness sake, have them listen to old Reagan speeches, watch Milton Friedman’s decimation of Phil Donahue, the old Bill Buckley show – read a book about it, something. LEARN CONSERVATIVISM. THEN DEFEND CONSERVATISM.


The chairman needs to take the free publicity of the conservative message and run with it. Steele, and members of congress and governors, and everybody else should shove it right down their throats. Watch how fast Rush stops getting negative publicity if those who can articulate conservative values defend him at every turn.


Unfortunately, the cat is out of the bag, and real damage has been done. Steele should resign and let somebody else come forward and say these things.