When Ron Paul gets mentioned I sometimes have the feeling that RedState is heavily weighted toward RNC doublespeak. I really don’t get the animosity towards the guy. I hear everybody on here espousing conservative values, but then slam RP because he has a couple of positions that are outside of mainsteam conservatism. The guy is certainly over the top on the whole fiat money thing, and he does have a chunk of support from the conspiracy theorists. But hey, the new world order isn’t really even a conspiracy theory anymore, and as we spend another 900billion on crap we don’t need, I would’t throw Austrian economics out of bed for eating crackers.

What I am saying is it seems dumb to insult Ron Paul fans or libertarians or psedo-libertarians, or independents who lean libertarian, when RS rhetoric is 90% in line with Ron Paul’s ideas.

I also think we need to get a bit radical. Yes I probably would prefer a Jindal or a Palin over a Ron Paul twin. But RP had two huge problems. 1) He was a horrible debator, and 2) The entire RNC and its lapdog Fox News was gunning for him. His ideas lit many people afire becuase they could be distingushed from the rest of the field. We need that badly. We need the ideas and somebody who can present them well. I don’t care how bad the ecomony gets, if our only response is tax cuts and keep guantanamo open – we will keep getting killed.

You think we win with a moderate to liberal like Guiliani or McCain? A preacher like Huckabee? A morman with perfect hair? An actor who doesn’t quite know how to speak publicly? I don’t.  A bunch of guys who couldn’t jerk their hand up fast enough in support of man-made global warming?

We need our own BO. A hard righty who makes it sound good. Ron Paul is not that guy, to be sure. But I don’t think the Ron Paul fans want Ron Paul to be that guy, they know he can’t win. But they are going to follow somebody, and they might do it with passion and zeal and dollars and groundwork – if that somebody can capture the essense of the ideas they saw in Ron Paul. We better embrace that. Much as I love to admit I am a gun and bible clinging pro-life jesus freak – we need more. The beauty is that a RP type allows us to be gun and bible clinging pro-life jesus freaks, but doesn’t completly alienate all those who aren’t gun and bible clinging pro-life jesus freaks. Ron Paul introduced the most common sense pro-life legislation know to man – and yet he got almost zero traction. Why because the RNC tends to use the pro-life issue only at election time. Multiple states are introducing legislation that asserts their 10th amendment rights. You think people are going to be turned off by Ron Paul’s radical 10th amendment position?

You wanna thow RP’s grassroots under the bus because some of his fans collect gold, go ahead. But if we can’t bridge the gap with RP conservatism and RS conservatism – we may be doomed to see the ghosts of primaries past again in 2012. Is there one more octagenarian liberal to moderate Republican with a crippling war injury (to his hand) in the house?

Just remember, it was the “conservative” George W Bush that opened the door for BO’s 900billion giant leap for socialism. All our angst about the spendulous bill rings a bit hollow when we consider that most R’s voted for the 750billion bank bailout not a month before the election. Just rememeber George W. opened the door for health care monitoring, and other scary things with the Patriot Act. Anybody else wondering what happens if terrorism is redefined slightly? I know I have seen a few comments that could justify eavesdropping under the patriot act, if the LIBS choose to weed out those discussing “revolution.”

I could go point by point, but the point is we need to get radical about liberty. Maybe not Ron Paul radical – but damn close.  Sure it may be impossible to eliminate the income tax, and it may be impossible to bring all the troops home – but then again, half of everything that BO said on the campaign trail was either impossible or a lie. We will need our own hope and change campaign in four years (and 2 years). We  need to place our hope in liberty, and we need to change our attitude to allow for everyone who loves liberty to join us. Insinuating that anyone who doesn’t believe in the Bush Doctrine is trailer trash, will not forward the cause.

Think 4 years down the road. More debt by probably double than ever before. Probably highest taxes in a generation. Throw in a better than average chance of hyperinflation and continued high unemployment. I know we all hope that bad times alone will be enough to win with another republican that campaigns 1 degree to the right of the democrat. But will that really inspire anybody? Throw in the election corruption that will be tipping close to the Chavez scale after Acorn gets billions of our tax dollars and BO uses the census to create a federally funded ground game. There will never be a time to push for rabid conservatism like there will be in 2012 (2010). Assuming of course that conservatives are still allowed to run a campaign without running afoul of the fairness doctrine.

My new name for anybody who feels the need to alienate Ron Paul supporters is “Fredutard.”