Regarding Bret Favre

Ok I really have to get this off my chest about the whole Brett Favre situation. I am really tired of the Green Bay Packers being made out to be the villains here. I cannot count the number times I have heard ESPN commentators or radio hosts say “Why wouldn’t they want him back? He will make the team better.”

You would think they, of all people, would know what it takes to run an NFL franchise. But no, they are part of the problem. Any NFL news is like gold to ESPN, especially the soap opera type of news that Favre is generating. But the Packers management and coaches have to get their team ready to play when the season starts, it’s their job. And it is slightly more complicated than getting the team together in the locker room with a chalk board before the game starts.

For the past three years Favre has complicated this process with his glory hound style indecision regarding whether or not he’s going to retire. The Packers have basically been a slave to his feelings, think about how many of his press conferences and interviews focused on if he ‘felt like he wanted to give %100’. And, as much as I liked watching the guy play, Favre has behaved like a little girl through the whole process. Just from watching him these past three years it’s not hard to tell that he really just wants to hear people tell him how great he is/was. And of course between the John Madden and Chris Berman ilk there are no shortage of people to oblige.

So now think about the Packers. After dealing with this crap for two years, finally watching him retire, being ready to give him another chance to come back, and getting one final denial that he was going to play they moved on. They started getting ready for the upcoming season. No small task. Only to have him screw them at the 11th hour, while they were on vacation no less. So they are between a rock and a hard place. They can’t undo all the work that they’ve done without damage to their season. And there is no way they are going to cut Favre, they would probably like to be able to show their face on the street of Green Bay.

For all his greatness Favre has brought this on himself. We’ve heard him say “I know I can still play” well fine then, PLAY. Collect your paycheck, put in the hours, make your team better for as long as you can. Many players came before you, and were better than you, and they went through more than you are going through and have kept playing. Don’t demonize the people who have done so much for you simply because your feelings are hurt.

And ESPN stop being part of the problem. Just report what happens. Seriously we just want to see football not watch episodes of Days of Our Lives.