Majority/Minority Leader Schumer?

Now let’s not count our chickens before they hatch, but it seems as if Nevada is moving toward Sharon Angle heading into the weekend.  If as we all hope, Harry Reid is defeated on Tuesday several dominos are going to begin to fall.

First, the Senate will probably be tilting in the 49-51 range and overall control may be up for grabs with West Virginia and Washington being the deciding states.  So majority status will be tenuous as we wait for final outcomes.

Second, there will be a mad scramble in the democratic caucus between Durbin and Schumer to lock up the votes for leader as Harry Reid did in the morning hours after Daschle was defeated by Thune in 2004.  With his strong influence in the 06 and 08 democratic surge, most people are giving the edge to Schumer to overcome Durbin and to capture the leaders post.

Third, the law of “unintended consequences” will come into play.  As much as I (we) loathe the soft-spoken Reid, can you imagine the bombastic Chucky Schumer being the voice of democrats in the Senate over the next umpteenth number of years?  I think this bodes well for us nationally, but to have to listen to Chucky more than we do now is not something I am looking forward to. 

However, as I stated, we need to finish the job and defeat Reid on Tuesday.  However, in our mind’s eye, can’t you see Chucky running for the cameras and microphones in the years to come?  Does that make you smile or grimace???  Come on Nevada, give us this bitter-sweet opportunity!!!