Should Conservatives Be Open Minded?


I hear high profile commentators who claim to be conservative brag about being “open minded” far too often lately.  They claim this like they are proud and honored about it.  Like it makes them better or smarter than other conservatives who are not open minded.


My question to them and other people who I sometimes run into who say the same is “What are you open minded about”?  Seriously, what is there to be open minded about?  I know I am a conservative and for the life of  me I can’t figuere out what these folks have to be open minded about.  What principle should conservatives be open minded about?  What issue should conservatives be open minded about?  I can’t think of any.


Let’s see.  Personal responsibility?  Nope.  I’m solid about personal responsibility.  Low taxes?  No again.  Conservatives believe in keeping taxes as low as possible and keeping as much of our own money.  Limited government?  I can’t imagine a conservative wanting more government making more rules, legislation, regulations and mandates.  Free market?  Capitalism?  I’m pretty sure that conservatives want as many free market solutions in the private sector as possible.  The right to keep and bear arms?  I haven’t met a conservative yet that doesn’t respect the constitution and the second amendment.  Pro-Life?  Conservatives respect life and encourage healthy families.  Should I keep going?  I think you get the idea by now.



I’m sure some reading this would want to label me a “Purist” or an “Extremist”.  A real “Right Winger”.  I’ll wear those labels with honor and be proud of that.


I’m not perfect or a “Purist”.  I just know my conservative principles and refuse to be “open minded” about them.  I think and feel that when these people make this claim to be “open minded”, what they’re really saying is “Please like me more and think I’m smart because I’m willing to compromise and water down what I think and how I feel about conservatism just to appease you.  I’m not down with that.  So if you’re one of these people I am describing in this blog and you are offended by this blog.  Good!  You should be.  Conservatives don’t need to be “open minded”.  Conservatives need to have a backbone and a megaphone.  I’m sick and tired of weak-kneed and yellow-souled people who claim to be a conservative giving conservatism a bad rap.  So if you are offended and want to look up your nose at me for being “Extreme” or a “Purist”.  My questions above still apply to you.  I’ll be looking forward to having a civil conversation with you about what I need to be and should be “open minded” about.  Please feel free to express yourself.