I Was Mad. Now I Am More Determined Than Ever To Help Save America

I am still mad but the anger is burning my inspiration to take the fight even harder to the left.  I haven’t written a blog since the republican primaries.  After seeing Obama get re-elected and the democrat party maintain their majority in the senate, that is only urging me to do more on my part to step it up and increase the pressure on the opposition.  I watched the election results come in.  It hurt to see great conservative patriots like George Allen, Allen West, Josh Mandel, Richard Murdock and Todd Akin lose their races.  When Fox News announced Ohio the projected winner would be Obama, that hurt because I knew exactly what that meant for the next four years.  As if the last four years weren’t hard enough for conservatives to grind through.  Now Obama will be emboldened and push even harder to advance his radical socialist agenda.  I know and completely understand that with Obama-Biden being re-elected and Harry Reid still in full control of the senate as majority leader that Obamacare will not be repealed.  That is just one of the worst things that happened when Romney-Ryan lost and the Republicans couldn’t take control over the senate.  With control of the Executive branch and the senate, Obama-Biden will be able to replace retiring Supreme Court Justices with radical leftist hacks like Soto-Mayer and Kagen.  In which, the senate ruled by Harry Reid will be giddy to confirm any Obama nominee through the senate.  The republicans in congress may still try to pass budgets that will still be tabled by Harry Reid for another four years.  You bet I knew on election night exactly what the consequences were for the next four years.
All in not lost and there is no time for despair.  The Republicans kept control of the house.  There are now thirty Republican Governors, Ted Cruz won big in Texas, Deb Fisher won big in Nebraska, Michele Bachmann fought hard like hell without RNC help to keep her seat in congress and sheriff Joe Arpio is still going to be in office to annoy Obama every chance he gets with his re-election.  While these victories are a positive step in the right direction and something conservatives can be proud about, they pale in comparison to what an emboldened Obama will do to America over the next four years.
The Romney-Ryan ticket received over 58 million votes.  Not all of those 58 million votes were republicans.  Many independents and undecided voters broke for Romney-Ryan in this election.  The overall turnout was weak.  Romney failed to maintain the momentum he had after choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate and his overwhelming thumping he gave Obama in their first nationally televised debate.  Over 8 million more votes were cast for the McCain-Palin ticket in 2008.  The top of the presidential ticket always carries the responsibility for the final result of any campaign.
A lot of fingers are being pointed right now at a lot of different places for how and why the Romney-Ryan ticket failed to beat a failing and weak Obama-Biden ticket.  I put a lot of the blame where it needs to be and should be.  I blame the RNC, the RINO Republican Establishment “Bush” people who pushed for and fought hard for Mitt Romney to be the Republican nominee all the while trashing any and all conservative candidates like Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich.  This same republican establishment cast these conservative candidates as weaker candidates who could not beat Obama in the general election.  People like Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, John McCain, Bob Dole and the like promised us that Mitt Romney was the best qualified despite Romney’s moderate record as governor of Massachusetts and his passing the Romneycare legislation as governor of Massachusetts.  That made Obamacare off limits in the debates, on the campaign trail and in campaign ads from the very beginning.  Romney also failed to attack Obama on Benghazi and Fast and Furious effectively enough to win the debate on those vital issues.
The Romney-Ryan loss hurts and will hurt America more than most of us can imagine right now.  As bad as this loss may be for us to comprehend at this moment, the war over the hearts and minds of America must continue to rage.  We must continue to stand strong on our principles and conservative free market capitalist civil society.  Many of us have been in this fight for freedom and liberty.  It is this fight we must continue to our last dying death.  Why?  The radical liberal leftists never stop.  They never surrender or give up.  They fight, battle and claw with everything they have until they get their way.  We must overcome their resolve with passion and resolve of our own.  Conservatives could’ve given up and rolled over after Nixon’s Watergate scandal or when Barry Goldwater lost to LBJ in 1964.  They didn’t.  Reagan kept the conservative philosophy alive and strong until he won his first landslide victory over Jimmy Carter in 1980.  Too many of our founding fathers, framers of the constitution and brave men and women who defended America through tough wars defending our principles, values and way of life.  We owe it to them to continue this war.  We need to beat back this tyranny attacking our constitution and free market capitalist system.  Failure cannot be an option.   We do owe them that and nothing less.  We also owe our children, grandchildren and future generations to leave them a better, stronger, freer America.
How can we give up now?  What good would that do?  What do we do then?  Where do we go?
I personally don’t want to live or raise my kids anywhere else in the world.  I want to live free and die free as an American.  I am not alone.  Millions of immigrants come here legally and illegally every year to be free and give their children a better life than what they could in their home lands.
My plea and challenge to anyone and everyone reading this blog who knows me and cares about what I say (write) is to not stay down.  I beg you to dust yourself off, take a deep breath and join me in this war over ideas, values and principles again.  Don’t do it for me.  Do it for yourself, our country and our families, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  Isn’t freedom and Liberty worth nothing less?
Remember the fight is not over until we quit.  I say there’s too many of us who are stronger, smarter, passionate and too stubborn to ever submit to the radical liberal leftists.  Now or ever.  I stand with them.  I think you do too.   Let’s keep this fight going.  It’s the RIGHT thing to do.  God Bless You and God Bless America.  We are the land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  We Should be proving that every single day.  Or it will be over and we won’t have anyone else but ourselves to blame.