Sarah Palin is a Serious Viable Legitimate for President 2012

I’m writing this Blog for all of those I keep continuing to hear say things like “I like Sarah Palin personally but I Don’t think She can Win.” Or “Sarah Palin doesn’t have what it takes to be President of the United States.” Or “Sarah Palin is Way TOO Polarizing to ever become President….the media really hates her!”
Yeah…this blog is FOR YOU!

I Really Like this New Post in Favor of Sarah Palin.  I Like it SO MUCH that I am going to post the Whole Article and then leave the Link beneath it so people can click on the link and read it there as well if they want to.  It is Well Written and Very Reasonable/Logical.  Here it is:

Elites Way Off on Palin Electability: Part 1 – The Floor By pollinsider
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This article is the first in a series examining Sarah Palin’s electability, and why the Republican, Liberal, and Media Elites are using bias over analysis.

As we consider the electability of candidates, namely Sarah Palin, we first must consider the candidates floors. A “floor” is a candidate’s guaranteed minimum percentage based on current polling data, accounting for all factors. Obama’s floor, or guaranteed vote, according to analysis of current polling is 43%. What this means is that 43% of people will vote for Barack Obama no matter who his opponent is. It could be much higher, but probably not any lower. This number is arrived at by reviewing 6 months of polling date from all polling firms. This is Obama’s floor because, depending on his opponent, his support grows or shrinks, but rarely below 43%.

Sarah Palin’s current floor is determined to be 39% as she typically registers 39% or 40% in head-to-head match-ups against Obama (not counting 3-way race polling). So today, the floor stands at Obama 43% and Palin 39%, or Obama +4. Yes, I know what the skeptics/elites would say to this: “But Obama always scores much higher than 43% against Palin, duh!” That is true, but the point of determining a floor is to understand a candidate’s solid support. Elites prefer to go light on analysis and heavy on drama. If a poll shows Obama scoring 53% against one candidate and 42% against another, his support is quite volatile, and can be changed as information is acquired.

What does this all mean? For one, it is good news for Sarah Palin. Figure that almost all media coverage of Palin for the previous 2 years has been incredibly negative, accusatory, insulting, misleading, and “downright mean”, to quote Michelle Obama. It’s amazing to read something Palin writes or says and see how it is maliciously twisted into a salacious sound bite. Unfortunately most people at this stage know the sound bite, but not what she actually says. Meanwhile, despite being generally inept, but receiving glorious and glowing coverage from the media, Obama’s floor is at a mere 43%. This means that all the positive coverage on the world for Obama and all the negative coverage in the world for Palin results only in a 4 point spread.

When we toss in candidate favorable/unfavorable opinion we find a very interesting fact. Let’s not pretend that Palin’s current favorables are high. In reality, they shouldn’t be. We have to remember that 80% of the population’s opinion of Palin is currently formed by the media’s representation of her. Or, misrepresentation if you prefer, and I do. But Sarah Palin heavily outperforms her favorability rating, in many cases by 2-1 margins. Meanwhile Obama underperforms his favorable rating, usually by 10-15 percentage points. So far more people will vote for Sarah Palin even with a negative opinion of her while far fewer people with a positive opinion of Obama will vote for him. This only works in Palin’s favor as she is able to make the case for herself and opinions of her arise. If a large percentage of people will vote for her when they do not like her, what happens when the percentage of people who do like her increases dramatically, as will inevitably be the case.

So, how does Palin raise her floor? The good news is: things couldn’t get worse for Palin. The majority of current opinion about Palin is formed not on thoughtful consideration of her, but on minimally whimsical knowledge bandied about by frivolous “media” and entertainment personalities. Most voters, sadly, know more about Charlie Sheen and American Idol than they do about Sarah Palin or Barack Obama. Their opinion of her is that she is a ditzy beauty queen who is obviously controversial and not electable, and very, very right wing. After all, we just got our news from Saturday Night Live, Politico, or The Daily Show, so it must be true.

But what happens when 100 Million people tune into a debate between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin? What happens when she speaks freely and convincingly in that debate, as she did in a great interview with the Long Island Association? And then what happens when people realize that she isn’t the moron “they” have attempted to portray her as? That she can speak without uhhh’s and ummm’s like someone else cannot? And when Palin releases, yes I will say it, Reaganesque commercials that are inspiring and uplifting, you know about America being that shining city on a something or another? How quickly will opinion change when people realize that Sarah Palin is not what the media have portrayed her as?

And about those “controversial” opinions she holds? What happens when Americans realize that it is those “controversial” opinions that the majority of Americans agree with, often by wide margins. Well, that is a matter for Part 2 of Elite’s Way Off on Palin Electability.

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Now I want to Address the FIVE Myths about Sarah Palin. We’ve All heard them and they Need to be Addressed and Dealt with.

These Five Myths Seem to be the Most Popular Myths Sarah Palin Supporters/Fans run into and Face Often.

Please Read the Article through the Link I Provided above to Read Matthew’s Rebuttals to these FIVE Myths. He Tears them to Shreds as He Should. They’re Crap!

Matthew Continetti does a Great Job of Confronting these FIVE Myths in His Article Written on October 17, 2010

The FIVE Myths are:
1. Palin cost McCain the 2008 election.
2. Resigning as Governor was “Rash” or “She’s a Quitter”.
3. Palin and the Tea Party are Destroying the GOP.
4. Palin is Extreme.
5. Palin is Unelectable.

Jedediah Bila over at HumanEvents.com Really Wrote a Great Article in Favor of Sarah Palin with this Piece!
Please Read it and Share it with Your Naysaying Friends!  Jedediah Titled it “Setting the Palin Record Straight” and Wrote it on  03/17/2011:


Before I go on to the Next Pro-Sarah Palin Article that was Well written and Like, I wanted to say this about Sarah Palin Quiting as Governor of Alaska:

“Sarah had Very Good Solid Valid Reasons for leaving her Governorship. Why judge her so harshly for not knowing all of the details surrounding what her & her family had to suffer through after becoming McCain’s pick for VP. Its hard for any of us because most of us haven’t been in that position. None of us have been Vetted for Vice President of the United States or had the National Media Spotlight Shinning as Brightly as it was Right in the Palin’s Family Face.  It’s petty and shallow to judge Sarah for quitting while she was being attacked with unending frivolous ethics lawsuits. These frivolous ethics charges made by political operatives that were costing her state hundreds of thousands of dollars and her staff countless hours to refute. The fact that she made the right decision for Alaska, and that the charges were all ultimately dismissed, get buried under the frenzied need some have to try to sabotage her at all costs.  It was distracting & costing her millions to defend. SHE DID THE RIGHT THING BY STEPPING DOWN and I SUPPORT THAT DECISION 100%! It also helped free her up to be able to do more work with the Tea Party, FOX NEWS & Sarah Palin’s Alaska. She also wrote a few Best Selling Books after she was freed up from being governor of Alaska.”

Now back to other Well Written Articles that I Like!  😉


Jay Valentine’s Article in The AmericanThiker.com Wrote a Great Piece Entitled “the 21st Century ‘It’ Girl.

It is Well Written and Spot on!

I Agreed what Jay Wrote when Jay wrote:

“It is the charisma factor. Charisma is not learned, it is innate. One is born with it and no amount of training can inject it. Jack Kennedy had it. So did Reagan. Now Obama. Out of the thousands of politicians who have come and gone over the last generation, not one other person has shown “it.”

Money is no longer the life blood of politics. Charisma is. Charisma can raise money overnight; money far beyond what a tired, inarticulate incumbent can raise from rich donors.

When you have “it,” the conventional rules no longer apply. Reagan was vilified in 1976 and few thought he could ever be president. No matter how the liberals berated him as a “dumb actor” who made chimp movies and the actor who never got the girl, he just looked the American people in the eye, gave them a dose of common sense and it was over. Carter went on to build low income houses and a life of obscurity punctuated by mischief.”


My Opinion and What I SAY is All People Who Identify themselves as Conservative or Reagan Conservative or Constitututional Conservatives can Rest Comfortably at Night with Sarah Palin as Our President. Sarah is First and Foremost PROAMERICA!

Sarah Palin is a Solid, Legitimate, Viable, Passionate, Conservative, Patriotic Quality Candidate who SHOULD be taken Seriously & Respected/Supported as the Unique/Special Candidate She IS! Her Conservative Message is received.  It Resonates with WE THE PEOPLE! That’s what makes her Great! That’s why She CAN Win & WOULD Win if Nominated for President in 2012 Against Obama.

Obama, today, is still the BEST Candidate the Democrats have and His Approval Rating is lower than Bush’s or any other Presidents at this time in their Presidency. Sarah has a Real shot IF and When She chooses to go for it.  She is a Mamma Grizzly and Will “Fight Like a Girl!”

Sarah Palin Deserves a Shot. Why Not? She couldn’t do ANY WORSE than McCain, Romney or Huckabee did last time around. She’d probably do Much Better than Most of her critics give her credit for. Sarah Palin really has been Overlooked and Underrated from DAY ONE! I Really think She can Prove to America that She is the RIGHT WOMAN to Lead America for the NEXT EIGHT YEARS as Our President!  That’s Right!  I Said EIGHT YEARS!  I Do Believe Sarah Palin Would Follow behind President Ronald Reagan’s Lead in Winning Two Landslide Victories over Obama and Whomever else the Democrats Run Against Her in 2016.  They’d be Toast as Well.  Sarah Palin is TWO TERM PRESIDENT MATERIAL FOR SURE!

She’s Smart, Principled, Dedicated, Patriotic, Charismatic and Conservative. What is Not Unique or Special about Sarah Palin?

She is Qualified and Could become a Great American President. America’s First Female President!

Doesn’t She Deserve a Shot just the same as Anyone else?

Who would be a Better/Stronger Candidate?

Christie? NO!  Trump? NO!  Daniels? NO!  RON PAUL?  HELL NO!

Romney? He had his chance last time and lost to McCain back in 2008! Forget Romney!

Forget Huckabee for the same reason. Newt has Tons of Baggage!

Rudi Guiliani & Mitch Daniels Fail Miserably on the SOCIAL ISSUES!

Sarah Palin Would be an Early Front Runner IF and When She Ever Decides to Run because She is a Quality Viable Candidate Who Should be Taken Very Seriously. That’s All I’m saying.

I think Sarah Palin has just as Much a Chance if NOT a Better Chance to Win the Republican Nomination as ANY of the other Leading Contenders. That is why I wrote this Blog in FAVOR of Sarah Palin. I am Totally NOT Knocking her or giving ANY Credit to those Who are Nay-Sayers or Doubters.

I Personally Believe Sarah Palin SHOULD RUN FOR President because at this Point in her Life, She’s still HOT and on Top of the World, No Office is tying her Down that ‘s She’s Committed to. She Probably still has the Support of Her Family which is MOST Important to her in the first place. I Say IF She Wants to RUN, LET HER RUN! Let’s Just wait and see How Well or Horrible she does. That’s all. I’m NOT one to knock her before she’s even decided to RUN or NOT. Let’s let her RUN and let AMERICA Decide if She’s Viable or NOT with their MONEY and VOTES. That’s what Decides if a Candidate is VIABLE OR NOT.
I want to see Sarah Palin RUN and I want to Want the Establishment Republicans try to attack her like they did to Christie O’Donnell or Sharon Angle. Sarah Palin is NO O’Donnell or Angle.  She’ll take the FIGHT Right back at them!  You Betcha!

Sarah Palin is More Qualified and Better Presidential Material than Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, Hermain Cain, Rick Santorim, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump, Tim Pawlenty, Gary Johnson or Rudi Guiliani!

She is on an UPPER LEVEL Head and Shoulders ABOVE them as far as Presidential Material!

I’d Argue Sarah didn’t have to have ANY Executive Experience but she has EIGHT YEARS of it. Even More if You include City Council. The Main Point I tried to make with My Blog about Sarah Palin was She has Executive Experience, Did Some Good for Alaska and Her Qualifications are just as Good if NOT Better than Everyone I Listed in My Humble Opinion. You are Free to Disagree but Her Accomplishments are Outstanding.

Some Sarah Plain Facts:

Sarah Palin has 8 Years of Executive Experience on her work resume.
6 Years as Wasilla Mayor and 2 Years as Governor of Alaska
She was also Commander of Alaska’s National Guard while Governor of Alaska
Palin was elected to the Wasilla City Council in 1992 winning 530 votes to 310.

She ran for reelection in 1995, winning by 413 votes to 185. Throughout her tenure on the city council and the rest of her political career, Palin has remained a Republican, first registering as such in 1982.
She Co-Owned and Operated a Snowmobile, Watercraft and All-Terrain Vehicle Business with her Husband Todd from 1994-1997
She reduced her own salary and property taxes in Wasilla by 60% as Mayor.
She was President of the Alaska Conference of Mayors
She was Appointed Ethics Commissioner of Alaska’s Oil & Gas Conservation Commission from 2003-2004
She was the First Woman and Youngest Governor Ever Elected in Alaska
She has an Approval Rating over 90% in 2007 as Alaska Governor
A Poll Published by Hays Research on July 28, 2008 showed Palin’s Approval Rating at 80%!
Sarah Scored the Winning Shot at the end of the game to Help Her High School Team Win the State Championship in her Senior Year.
Sarah Won a Miss America Scholarship Pageant to Help Pay for Her College Tuition at University of Idaho where she Majored in Journalism.
She Won Every Segment of that Pageant even Miss Congeniality.
She Graduated Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Alpha Phi in Five years because she had to work and go to school to pay for her OWN TUITION!
(Source: Page 44 of “SARAH PALIN GOING ROGUE An American Life”)

In EIGHT Years as Alaska Mayor then Governor She was able to:

Motivated by concerns that revenue from a new Wasilla sales tax would not be spent wisely, Palin ran for mayor of Wasilla in 1996, defeating incumbent mayor John Stein 651 to 440 votes.

Palin ran for re-election against Stein in 1999 and won, 909 votes to 292.

In 2002, she completed the second of the two consecutive three-year terms she was allowed to serve by the city charter. She was elected president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors in 1999.

Using income generated by a 2% sales tax that had been approved by Wasilla voters in October 1992, Palin cut property taxes by 75% and eliminated personal property and business inventory taxes. Using municipal bonds, she made improvements to the roads and sewers, and increased funding to the Police Department. She also oversaw new bike paths and procured funding for storm-water treatment to protect freshwater resources. At the same time, she shrank the local museum’s budget and deterred talk of a new library and city hall.

She created the position of city administrator, and reduced her own $68,000 salary by 10%, although by mid-1998 this was reversed by the city council.

During her second term as mayor, Palin proposed and promoted the construction of a municipal sports center to be financed by a 0.5% sales tax increase and $14.7 million bond issue. Voters approved the measure by a 20 vote margin and the Wasilla Multi-Use Sports Complex was built on time and under budget. However, the city spent an additional $1.3 million because of an eminent domain lawsuit caused by the failure to obtain clear title to the property before beginning construction. The city’s long-term debt grew from about $1 million to $25 million due to $15 million for the sports complex, $5.5 million for street projects, and $3 million for water improvement projects. The Wall Street Journal characterized the project as a “financial mess.” A city council member defended the spending increases as being caused by the city’s growth during that time.

Palin also joined with nearby communities in hiring the Anchorage-based lobbying firm of Robertson, Monagle & Eastaugh to lobby for federal funds. The firm secured nearly $8 million in earmarks for the Wasilla city government, including $500,000 for a youth shelter, $1.9 million for a transportation hub, and $900,000 for sewer repairs.

In 2008, Wasilla’s current mayor credited Palin’s 75 percent property tax cuts and infrastructure improvements with bringing “big-box stores” and 50,000 shoppers per day to Wasilla. A local gun store owner said Palin made the town “more of a community It’s no longer a little strip town that you can blow through in a heartbeat.” At the conclusion of Palin’s tenure as mayor in 2002, the city had about 6,300 residents.

Federal funding In her State of the State address on January 17, 2008, Palin declared that the people of Alaska “can and must continue to develop our economy, because we cannot and must not rely so heavily on federal government [funding].”Alaska’s federal congressional representatives cut back on pork-barrel project requests during Palin’s time as governor; despite this, in 2008 Alaska was still the largest per-capita recipient of federal earmarks, requesting nearly $750 million in special federal spending over a period of two years.

While there is no sales tax or income tax in Alaska, state revenues doubled to $10 billion in 2008. For the 2009 budget, Palin gave a list of 31 proposed federal earmarks or requests for funding, totaling $197 million, to Alaska Senator Ted Stevens. Palin has stated that her decreasing support for federal funding was a source of friction between her and the state’s congressional delegation; Palin requested less in federal funding each year than her predecessor Frank Murkowski requested in his last year.

So lets Not ignore or pretend She doesn’t have Executive Experience.
Let’s also Remember that becoming the President these days is More than Qualifications or Executive Experience. Obama has Proven that to us. Obama had NO EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE! NONE! Obama beat McCain anyways and it wasn’t all that close either. So Rejecting Sarah Palin for lack of Executive Experience is Shallow if You Like Her Stand on Positions.

Gov. Mitch Daniels didn’t even make this List:

In April 2009, SurveyUSA reported job approval ratings for the following U.S. governors: Bob Riley (AL) 54%, Arnold Schwarzenegger (CA) 25%, Chet Culver (IA) 42%, Kathleen Sebelius (KS) 46%, Steve Beshear (KY) 47%, Tim Pawlenty (MN) 46%, Jay Nixon (MO) 56%, Bill Richardson (NM) 46%, David Paterson (NY) 25%, Ted Kulongoski (OR) 40%, Tim Kaine (VA) 50%, Christine Gregoire (WA) 40%, and Jim Doyle (WI) 35%. (Polls taken April 24 – 26, 2009).[186]

But in April of 2009 Sarah Palin’s Approval Rating was at 73%

Something to Think about and Consider.

Executive Experience is Great and Nice to have and Sarah Palin has it. Some of the People I Listed that she’s Better and More Qualified for above weren’t Governors at all. Guiliani was a Mayor, Newt is a Longtime Legislator, Hermain Cain, Donald Trump and Ric Santorim do NOT have Executive Experience as Governors.

Sarah Palin did Graduate from University of Idaho in FIVE Years Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Alpha Phi. She had to work and go to school to pay for her OWN TUITION!

Keep in Mind also that NINE PRESIDENTS Never Went to College or Attended a University.
1.George Washington
2. Andrew Jackson
3. Van Buren
4. Taylor
5. Fillmore
6. Lincoln
7. Andrew Johnson
8. Cleveland
9. Truman

Nothing was given to her. She Earned Everything she got in Life.

To Say or Think Sarah Palin is Unqualified or lacks anything she may need to be a Great President, that is untrue and misleading.

Watch these Youtube Video and Decide for Yourself.


Sarah Palin’s Resume vs. Barack Obama’s Resume

Sarah Palin vs. Obama: Who is more qualified?

I Think Reagan Would Vote for Palin if Reagan was still alive to vote today. Why Wouldn’t He? She’s a Solid Articulate Conservative. Reagan Always Supported other Conservatives in HIS Republican Party. It was the RINOS and MODERATES He Loved to Challenge and Chase OUT!

More Great Related Articles of Examples of why the Media and the Left Hate Sarah Palin:

Why Does the Media Love to Pick On Palin?
By John Lott  Published November 30, 2010

The Left Hates Governor Palin. Why?
Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Great Thing about Sarah Palin is that She is Stubborn and has a Backbone. We Desperately Need that in DC Now More than Ever.
Palin: ‘They’re Not Going to Shut Me Up’by Michelle Malkin on Monday, January 17, 2011 at 9:32pm

Even with Death Threats to Her and Family, She Continues to thumb her Nose at the Media and The Left.

Death Threats Against Sarah Palin at ‘Unprecedented Level,’ Aides Say
Palin’s Video Prompts Debate Over ‘Blood Libel;’ Palin’s Office Talking to Security

JANUARY 14, 2011.Sarah Palin Is Right About ‘Blood Libel’
Judaism rejects the idea of collective responsibility for murder..

Palin: American Exceptionalism

Anytime You have the Democrats asking the Pentagon for Your Info, You KNOW She is a Force to be Reckoned with and She’s Definitely doing SOMETHING RIGHT!

Democrats Ask Pentagon for Info on Potential Obama Challengers
DNC Requests Records Related to Palin, Romney, Seven Other Possible 2012 Contenders
By RICK KLEIN Oct. 27, 2010

Sarah Palin. Bring It On!

For People to say Sarah Palin speaks “Too common” or “Sounds Stupid”
I Beg to Differ and Maybe You’ll understand Why after reading these next few Articles by Sarah Palin.

February 5, 2011, 3:27 am
Palin Keeps Position Clear and Intentions Vague

Invoking Reagan, Palin says ‘this is a time for choosing again’
By: Byron York 02/05/11 6:41 AM
Chief Political Correspondent

For Palin, Obama’s ‘Winning the Future’ phrase is WTF
January 27, 2011 By David Jackson, USA TODAY

Sarah Palin: I’m Sick and Tired of Gov. Coming Out With New Crisis to Stick it to the People

And You KNOW that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin ALL Love Sarah Palin.
Conservative Talk Radio Show Hosts and Nationally Syndicated Conservative Columnists/Bloggers ALL back Sarah Palin’s “Death Panels” Comment.
Here’s what Sarah Palin actually said about the So Called “Death Panels”.

Concerning the “Death Panels”by Sarah Palin on Wednesday, August 12, 2009 at 9:55pm


Rush Limbaugh Says Sarah Palin “Is Dead Right about the Death Panels” www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/01125108.guest.html

Mark Levin talks about Bill Gates and Death Panels. Mark Levin Says Sarah Palin was Definitely RIGHT about “Death Panels” You Must Hear this.

With the Help and Support from Conservative Talk Radio and Conservative Authors like Michelle Malkin and others it’s Hard to see how or where Sarah Palin Shouldn’t at least take a Shot at seeing if She can be President.

Sarah Palin Speech Honoring Ronald Reagan’s 100th Birthday – Complete Video 2/4/11

Sarah Palin calls Obama most pro-abortion president
Nov. 10, 2010 08:45 PM  Associated Press

Sarah Palin has Managed to Stay in the Spotlight without holding an Office but by guest appearances on Fox News from time to time and her Reality/Documentary Show about herself and Her Family up in Alaska. Not to Mention stay pretty busy on the Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Union Brothers and Sisters: Seize Opportunity to Show True Solidarity by Sarah Palin
on Friday, February 18, 2011 at 9:32pm

Palin Tells Wisconsin “Union Brothers and Sisters” That “Real Solidarity Means Everyone Being Willing to Sacrifice”…

Lloyd Marcus, writing for American Thinker, is defending Sarah Palin. He says, “The Left launched their ‘Sarah Palin is Stupid’ campaign the next day after her incredible VP nomination acceptance speech. A woman, pretty, smart, witty, confident and bold with an ability to inspire and fire up the conservative base, Sarah Palin was the Left’s worst nightmare.” Good article on the Left’s hypocrisy.


Here are 101 Great Reasons Sarah Palin Should Run for President in 2011.
101 Reasons to Support Sarah Palin for President in 2012


After Watching this Next Youtube Video from the Link below, it’s Hard to argue that Sarah Palin could make as BIG of ASS or look HALF as Stupid as Obama does on a Consistent Basis.
Obama is a Complete Idiot and NOT a Great Speaker at all without the Help of a Teleprompter. Sometimes even with the help of a Teleprompter, Obama still mumbles, stutters and stammers all of the time!!

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