My Short List of Quality Conservative Republican Candidates for 2012

While this is My Short List of Conservative Republican Candidates I Would Support for 2012, NONE of these Candidates are Perfect.  Some have Issues/Baggage but for the Most part are Solid Candidates to me because they are a Reliable Conservative Vote.  That is HIGHLY IMPORTANT TO ME!

1. Sarah Palin Governor Alaska
2. Jim DeMint Senator South Carolina
3. Mike Pence Congressman Indiana
4. Marco Rubio Senator Florida
5. Allen West Congressman Florida
6. Michelle Bachman Congressman Minnesota
7. Bobby Jindal Louisiana Governor Louisiana
8. Paul Ryan Congressman Wisconsin
9. Tom Coburn Congressman Oklahoma
10. Bob McDonnell Virginia Governor
11. Jeff Sessions Alabama Senator
12. Haley Barbour Governor Mississippi
13. Steve King Congressman Iowa
14. Tom Price Congressman Georgia
15. Peter King Congressman New York
16. Rick Scott Governor Florida
17. Scott Walker Governor Wisconsin
18. Rand Paul Senator Kentucky
19. Mike Lee Senator Utah
20. Rick Santorum Former Congressman and Senator Pennsylvania
21. Tim Pawlenty Minnesota Governor
22. Peter Hoekstra Congressman Michigan
23. Mike Rogers Congressman Michigan
24. Thad Mccotter Congressman Michigan
25. John Thune Congressman South Dakota
26. Jan Brewer Governor Arizona
27. Newt Gingrich Former Speaker of the House
28. Mike HuckabeeFormer Governor Arkasas
29. Mitt RomneyFormer Governor Massachussets
30. Mitch Daniels Governor Indiana
31. Hermain Cain president of Godfather’s Pizza and president-elect of the National Restaurant Association. An articulate black entrepreneur Georgia

The Names of the Candidates at the Top of My Short List are there for a reason.  I Really Like and Trust their Stated Public Positions on the Important Issues that matter to Me.  There may be other Candidates out there interested in running for President in 2012.  I’d be happy to take a look at those candidates also.  Some of these Candidates on My Short List have NOT even mentioned or have ANY Stated Intentions for running for President at this time but they’re on My Short List because I’m following their careers and Like what I’m Seeing.
The Last FIVE Names at the Bottom of My Short List are NOT on My List because they are Solid Conservative Candidates but because I Would Still Vote for them over Obama.  If I had to.  They’re only on My Short List because they HAVE Shown Interest in Running for President in 2012.  They Don’t Excite me a Great Deal but I figuered they’d still be Better than Obama.
So What do You think?  Did I Miss Someone?  Should I cross somone(s) out?  Let Me know.
Thank You So Much

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My Short List of Quality Conservative Republican Candidates for 2012