Moderates in the Republican Party

Why is the Mainstream Media Constantly Trying to Push the Conservatives Out of the Republican Party in Favor for “Moderates”?
What is a “Moderate”?
Who are these “Moderates”?
What Principles do “Moderates” Stand For?
What is a “Moderate’s” Position on Nationalised Healthcare?
What is their Position on Immigration?
What is their Position on Global Warming?
How Do “Moderates” Feel about The WaxmanMarkey Climate Bill aka Cap N Trade Bill?
Do “Moderates” Always Agree with each other?
Do “Moderates” have Moral Standards?
Do “Moderates” Believe in a Civil Society?
Do ALL “Moderates” Agree on Abandoning President Reagan’s Principles and Reagan’s Legacy?
Do ALL “Moderates” Believe Republicans Should Encourage this “Big Tent” that is ALL INCLUSIVE? What is this BIG TENT I keep hearing about all of the time?
How can the Republican Party be a “BIG TENT” Party that is also ALL INCLUSIVE?
I Would Argue that the Republican Party CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT be this “BIG TENT” Party that is ALL INCLUSIVE!This Party already exists and the Democrats are already claiming it! I Say Let them have it! They can keep it! NO Party can be ALL Things to ALL People ALL of the Time! That is just Ridiculous! You Can Fool ALL of the People Some of the Time but You Can’t Fool ALL of the People ALL of the Time!

The Republican Party is Better off Standing on the Right Side of History NOW and when President Reagan was this Nation’s Most Popular Modern Day President. Which I Doubt We’ll see again until another Brave, Courageous, Smart, Witty, Intelligent, Classy, Principled, Grounded, Proud, Bold, Fearless CONSERVATIVE Candidate comes along who is NOT Afraid to Proudly, Boldly and Loudly Express CONSERVATIVE Values and Principles just as Reagan did in ALL of his Years in Politics. I Know that Reagan’s Model/Example is the RIGHT Model/Example ANY Modern Day Candidate Should be Following because Today’s Events are NOT unlike the Challenges that Reagan Faced in the Early 80’s after Defeating Jimmy Carter and Easily Winning in TWO Landslide Victories!