Ala. Businesses Riled By State's New Immigration Law : NPR

Even before the law goes into effect, that wage pressure is being felt at A & P Farms in Gallant. Andy Kemp and his wife, Paula, farm about 15 acres, growing fresh fruits and vegetables they sell at seven farmers markets in the Birmingham area.

“It’s a mess right now,” Andy Kemp said.

Weeds are overtaking their sweet potato crop, and tomato vines are falling to the ground. In July, their two part-time farm workers, who were legal immigrants, left for higher wages at a larger tomato farm.

“It just put us out of business overnight,” Kemp said. “Thursday we were farming. Friday we were out of farming. That quick.”

They’ve since let go of five other employees. Paula Kemp said no matter what happens with the law, she doesn’t see how they can get back in business.

“The workers are gone,” she said. “They may come back. They may not come back. But we can’t plan for 2012 in January starting to start seeds and that sort of thing with the hope that we can get farm help.”

For a small farm like theirs, she said, paying higher wages is not an option. And at middle age, she added, they can’t do the work alone.

via Ala. Businesses Riled By State’s New Immigration Law : NPR.

So let me get this right what I see here is that it okay to pay these human beings a lower wage because they will work for less? It is okay to treat these humans as less than human because these “small business” people can do and increase the profit of their “small business”?
These people who are against the laws being enforced and stopping the flood of illegals into our country are saying that they can’t do business if they can’t hire cheap labor! What they hell is going on here…

Sounds to me like NPR is actually promoting the mistreatment and almost the enslavement of illegals for the sake of profit!!!! This is the same NPR that blast out about corporate greed and jumps on the Obama bandwagon about how all Tea Party members are racist and elitist. They are justifying the low wages payments and no benefits to the illegals.

Isn’t this the same kind stuff that corporations are being punished for by our political leaders and their mouth pieces in the media? How can this be? I must be mistaken… NPR would not be advocating the systematic and purposeful denial of rights, benefits, and a fair wage to a minority group in the name of a political cause would they?

And what about the legal workers that left to go to jobs that paid more? I guess we should go and drag them back to the farms, fields, and kitchens how dare them attempt to better themselves and achieve more in life by FOLLOWING the law.

If NPR really cared about the small business and helping people they would not be shrill for the increase of the minimum wage. As there little article so correctly points out when you increase the cost of labor you cut the profits and make it harder to hire more people.

And I will not get into the federal money that is spent on farm subsidies.