When a choice is not a choice

The thing I find so weird about some one proclaiming to be “Pro Choice” is that for all of the talk of standing up for a woman right chose they are usually against any other type of a “choice” option.

Take for instance the desire among the left to institute the military draft. Where is the choice here? They would much rather unwilling males forced to service and in the process destroy the morale of those of us who have served because we wanted to serve our country not for money or power but because we love our country and are honored to server her.

What the choice for a secret ballot when voting on unionization? We have a NLRB going after Boeing right now because Boeing made a decision in the best interest of the company and its customers.

What about school choice? They left wants us to force our kids to “public schools”. They don’t want us parents to have a choice where and how are kids are educated.

What about healthcare? Before ObamaCare we had more choice now we are facing an ever shrinking pool of insurance provider and doctors. Their “choice” is a single payer process which will further bankrupt the system.

What about a Doctor’s right treat patients according to his opinion? Not a choice under Obama care the doctor’s have limited choice.

How about media and the internet? FCC is out there reaching for more control and the power to keep thing “fair” and to keep those that the current regime deem offensive or distasteful out the conversation.

What about religion? Well now you have choice there as long as it not Christian, you talk about it and pray in public, force women to be subservient, limit any number of activities including dancing, driving, women talking on a equal level with a man, voice you choice about killing and slaughter of infidel’s etc.  Additionally you can demand area be set aside for you to observe you religious belief at tax payer expense. However if you are a Christian of any favor you are threatened for wanting to pray before a crowd, football game, school function, public meetings, and you insert just about anything else here you have the idea.

It seems to me that the more I hear about someone being pro-choice they are really just saying that they want to be the one’s who get to choose and the rest of us are just the sheep to follow their lead.