The Emperor Nero and President Obama

I was in college back in 1989 or 1990 and taking a class on public speaking. A fellow student of mine gave a short speech contrasting the moral decline of the Roman Empire and the moral decline of America. It was a short speech lasted only about 4 minutes but I remember many of the points still today, it is by this remembrance that I came upon a thought that I would like to share with you.

The other POTUS continues to think in terms that giving a speech or a campaign like rally he will win support for his leftist ideas. He continues to blame other for his failings, the weather, the previous administration, his staff, his staffs staff, his wife, his kids, the American people, talk radio, and the list could go on and on. As a leader he has failed and will continue to fail because he does not understand that to lead is to take responsibility for yourself and the actions of others.

I say all this to bring you to this point. While thinking about the little speech I heard years ago and enduring yet another speech about healthcare from the POTUS, that I made the connection from Obama to Nero. Please allow me to show you what I mean.

C Both men had rather unstable childhoods

C Both men grow up rather poor

C Both men grow up rather poor

C Both men grew up on islands

C Both men had little or no father figure

C Both men are seen as weak by other and liberal minded

C Both men loved to hear themselves speak or act

C Both men used a rather large crisis to remake large sections of society

C Both men had/have older advisors who formed their political ideals

C Both men were swept into power by other who sought to use them to rule

C Both men had/have no real political experience

If you think I am please let me know but just a read of both men biography only has borne out to me how much these two men are alike. It worries me and even though I know Nero was not in fact paying a violin while Roma burned, I sure have an image in my mind of the POTUS wearing a toga, playing a violin, and dancing while our Republic burns.