Change. Has. Come.

A friend of mine just blogged:

My former command [USS Port Royal]- and home for 3 years – is stuck in shoal water next to Honolulu International Airport. This is easily one of the five worst things you could ever do to a ship. Read more.

RADM Walsh, according to the KHON2 article, said: “[An] investigation will determine exactly why the ship got to the point where she was in shoal water.”

Little do they know that making that determination might entail traveling back in time to June 3, 2008. For I am personally convinced that this tragic comedy surrounding the USS Port Royal is a victim of the law of unintended consequences.

Just as he promised us, President Obama is affecting the oceans. I’m quite certain the Naval investigation will find that the “rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal” over the past seven months or so, rendering previous depth charts unfit for navigation. What used to be a 35-feet plus sounding of water has apparently receded to a mere 22-feet. Obviously, this is the result of the planet healing, global warming trends reversing, and the oceans shrinking back up into the polar ice caps. It’s not the ship captain’s fault – he was acting on information that was deemed to be reliable. It’s the ocean’s fault. Or is it…?

Clearly, the Navy will need new charts.
Change has come.

(P.S. Does this make President Obama a national security risk? What will be affected next?)