We the people of the United States...

One of the numerous problems facing our nation today is that somewhere along the way our society forgot that it has a government of the people.
I’ve met people who say: “I’m just not interested in the political world” or “I don’t think Christians should be involved in politics”.
This state of mind is like a man who sits back and lets his car control itself, and is just as irresponsible.
It’s only a matter of time before his car controls itself in to a phone poll.
Somewhere along the line the everyday American people forgot that they are ultimately the government. Even we conservatives are guilty of this and refer to “The Feds” and the government as though it were some separate governing body ruling over us. This may be true to some extent, as we ignorantly inch closer and closer to the communist state our grandparents fought so hard to protect us from. But I can’t help but wonder which came first: The Mindset or the Reality.