Newt is the only one left with Political Backbone.

From the time Gov.Perry entered the race until Jan, 19th, the day he got out
I was a staunch Perry Supporter. One of the many things I liked about him was that he was willing to stand up and call: Sin..Sin, Ponzi schemes..Ponzi schemes, and Treason..Treason.

Now there are things I like about Sen.Santorum, but as a whole he is not a candidate I would support.
One of the things I don’t care for about him is his apparent unwillingness to say what’s true no matter how ugly it sounds.
The example I’m about to sight is not a time when he himself did not speak the truth, but when he criticized Gov.Perry for doing it by saying:
“Washington DC is not Austin… his (Gov.Perry’s) comments about Ben Bernanke, they were completely out of bounds. I don’t agree with Ben Bernanke’s policies… but to me the rhetoric that Rick Perry used was sort of the rhetoric I would expect from a John Conyers…. We don’t do that… we don’t charge people with treason because we disagree with them on public policy. You might say that they’re wrong, you might say lots of things about how misguided they are, but you don’t up the ante to that type of rhetoric. It’s out of place, and hopefully Gov. Perry will step back and recognize that we’re not in Texas anymore.”
If our founding fathers were around today I think they would consider a lot of the things going on today “treasonous” and would brand many people now in public office “Traitors”.
I don’t like it when people stand on street corners or post on their blogs statements like: Obama is a pig or other idle unnecessary comments, to me that is just immature foolishness. But I do think there is a point at which we need to call: Socialists..Socialists, Abortion..Murder, and Traitors..Traitors
With all that said, I think Newt is the only one left in the race with the political backbone to stand up and call things what they are.
I agree with Sen.Santorum when he says Washington D.C. is not like Austin, TX, in that he is dead right….  But the United States would sure be a lot better off if it was.
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