Act on Your Own Choices Now, or Dems Will Make Your Choices Later

Act on Your Own Choices Now, or Dems Will Make Your Choices Later

We’ve seen it time and time again.  The democrats do not care what the public wants.  What they do care about is controlling more of your life and more of your money.  We have seen them take control of our health against our will with Obamacare.  We have seen them take over our country’s finance system with the Finance Reform Bill against our will.  The list goes on.

Now the left is scared they are going to lose their majorities.  Let’s do everything we can to make sure they do.  Let’s do everything we can to make sure candidates who represent common sense America win in November.  Choose to support fiscally conservative candidates NOW, or you will have no choice but to support the democrats’ liberty killing, big government in your future. Everyone can find something to DO to work for victory.

  • You can donate time and/or money. Go to your local election offices to make phone calls, knock on doors, leave fliers, or help distribute signs. Many campaign offices even have automated phone banks where all you need is an internet connection to make calls from your own home.  They know exactly who to target because they know who the swing voters are.  If you have never been to an election office, know that you will be welcomed with open arms because they can always use another volunteer. 

It is frustrating to feel that your thoughts and feelings aren’t being represented in Washington.  You can work to change that now, for the next 100 days.  There are many close Senate and House races.  EVERY vote, every phone call, every sign can make the winning difference to make sure your individual rights are protected in Washington after November. 

  • You can host a discussion group at your church. 
  • You can talk to your friends and neighbors about how worried you are about our country’s future under Democratic leadership.  You can get them to the polls. 

NOW, and for the next 100 days is the time for action.  Please, choose to make time to help take back our country.  Take your can-do, personal responsibility attitude and help get people into office to represent your common-sense, American values.  You, and every American, are personally responsible for protecting our God given, constitutionally defined liberty and freedom.

  • You can start a book club to discuss one of the great, new conservative books. Invite friends who are normally apolitical to join the discussion.  Ask everyone you invite to bring a friend to join the discussion.  Those apolitical friends may turn into conservative votes in November.  They will definitely be better-informed voters.
  • You can attempt to influence your on-line network’s voting by cheering for conservative candidates on social networking sites.

There are Senate seats who could go to either big government lovers or liberty protectors in Missouri, Florida, Nevada, Illinois, California and Ohio, among others.   There are also many toss-up House seats including New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas and Missouri.  Protect small, fiscally responsible American values by choosing to work for one of the elections in toss-up races highlighted in gray here:


or here:


The left has thinkers.  The right has thinkers and DOERS.  Please choose to go DO!  Ask yourself, “What else can I do to protect my rights by making certain my voice will be heard in Washington after November?”   The election is less than 100 days away. 

·         Now is the time to DO.  If not your country, what else is worth working for?  What other ideas do YOU have for how to work for more votes in November?  What will you choose to do?

The choice is yours to make: Go give your time and/or money now or give it to the Democrats’ big, liberty-and-freedom-killing government in the future.  I know what I choose.