Can You Imagine Media Coverage if Racist Robert Byrd had been a Conservative?

Democrat Robert Byrd died after holding a senate seat since 1959.  He was a ranking member of the KKK, made an on record comment about creating a ‘waterloo moment’ for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and he opposed and fillibustered the Civil Rights Bill, among other dispicable racists acts.

President Obama said in a statement that the Senate “has lost a venerable institution and America has lost a voice of principle and reason.”  Democrats often described him as being the ‘conscience’ of the Senate.
Can you image the headlines at trhe NYT, ABC, MSNBC and CBS had Robert Byrd been a Republican?

Republican racist dies

Republican who tried to create a waterloo for MLK died today

Will Republicans re-evaluate their racist heritage after losing one of their leaders?

etc, etc..

How dare the liberal media portray conservatives as being racist while simultaneously sweeping the facts under the rug about their longest serving member of congress  who lived a life of shameful racism.