Independence Day Op-Ed Submission

We celebrate Independence Day to recognize the exceptional freedom which generations of Americans have enjoyed. 
Our freedom was made possible in part by our founding fathers who brilliantly understood the necessary components of a free society. We must remember that with respect to history, our freedom is the exception to the rule. Thomas Jefferson spoke of this when he said, “The course of history shows us that as government grows, liberty decreases.”  This message, one of the key principals our country was founded upon, should re-unite us as we celebrate Independence Day. 
Sadly, our country has been steadily losing track of this founding principal, the philosophy behind which has enabled generations of Americans to be the most inventive and prosperous on earth.  I hope the citizens of this exceptional country remember that the more decisions a government makes ‘for you’, the less freedom you have to make decisions for yourself; and the more our country will align with others throughout history.
My fellow Americans, we are moving the wrong direction.  Our government has grown to control almost half of our economy and the size of our national debt has almost quadrupled in the past 2 years.  As we celebrate Independence Day together, remember Thomas Jefferson’s brilliance, “The course of history shows us that as government grows, liberty decreases.”  Please remember this; for it is the only way America will remain an exception in world history.

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