Fred Upton, Enough Is Enough


After spending a good part of last year blogging for the man who would take the First District of Michigan away from liberal Bart Stupak, and put it back into the hands of mainstream conservatism, I take serious umbrage at the use of the words, “Stupak amendment” and “Stupak language.”

Bart Stupak was not a conservative Democrat, nor was he a “blue dog.” His “Stupak amendment” was actually the “Stupak/Pitts amendment,” and it became known as the “Stupak amendment” only because he was on television and radio constantly for a month prior to the vote on Obamacare saying that the bill would not be passed without “his” amendment, banning the use of federal funds for abortions. His constituency, and many social conservatives throughout the nation thought that Stupak was going to stop Obamacare. After watching Bart at town halls and on tv and radio, I knew he was not going to vote against Obamacare. He said so at a Cheboygan Town Hall, and took a position of high morality on abortion against the likes of Pelosi and Obama. He ended up getting a useless executive order which meant nothing from the most pro-abortion President this nation has ever seen.

So it really becomes too much when Fred Upton, a fellow Michigander and fellow Republican continues to use the words, “Stupak language,” and “Stupak amendment.”

Sunday on Fox News Sunday, Congressman Upton was describing his intentions as Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee:

We’re going to take up early I think the Stupak language, no funds shall be spent on abortion, as a separate bill early on. And we will look at these individual pieces to see if we can’t have the thing crumble.

Remember how we are supposed to defund the bill? Defund and repeal is the mantra.

Republicans in general are at a disadvantage when using the language. All too often, they use words and phrases that have been coined by liberal Democrats. But Congressman Upton decided to use Stupak’s name instead of say, “The Hyde language,” or “The Pitts amendment” and it is terribly grating. Why give credit to the actions of a Democrat who completely angered the entire nation, shining a light of truth on the pro-abortion stance of the Democrat party? It makes it sound as though Stupak was serious about stopping federal funding of abortion.

Stupak is thought of as a complete traitor to the anti-abortion movement, so much so, that the National Right to Life rescinded their near-20 year endorsement of him.

I have a problem with even inserting the language, because we are going to repeal this law. Upton ran on repealing the law, and the promise of repealing it is one of the reasons Dan Benishek won in Michigan’s First. I cannot understand why we would make it better and then repeal it. I am very anti-abortion, way more so than Upton, who has continually funded Planned Parenthood, and refused to recognize the murder of a pregnant woman as a double murder. So, my point is not to encourage the funding of abortion, but to show that the executive order is useless, and will keep Stupak’s name mud.

Could it be that Congressman Upton is interested in helping his former Michigan counterpart?

Beyond all the abortion talk, we as Republicans should not be tinkering around with this law. The Obamacare law has everything wrong with it, and to make this fight another debate about abortion again is irresponsible and cowardly. We do not want to pick up where the argument left off in March, we want to remember the American people and how they rose up against this monstrous power grab and complete disaster.