Conservative Unity In Michigan's First District

Dr. Daniel Benishek is running a positive campaign for U.S. Congress in Michigan’s First District.  He gained national attention within hours of Bart Stupak‘s press conference on March 21st, 2009, when he announced he would vote for the health care bill.  It was widely accepted that Stupak had betrayed his conservative district with his decision to vote for the Health Care Bill.  Radio talk-show host Mark Levin had Dan on his radio program the next day, supporting him over Stupak.  A flurry of television and radio appearances followed, including Sean Hannity, and Neil Cavuto.  With help from the grass roots and the Tea Party Express, Stupak made a decision not to run for re-election.  In a 6-way race for the primary, Benishek won the district with just 15 votes ahead of long-time State Senator for part of the district, Jason Allen.  Allen made a decision not to ask for a recount, and Benishek would move on to face a Democrat challenger, Gary McDowell and three other candidates.  Below is a list of important names and endorsements of Daniel Benishek M.D.

State Senator Jason Allen said: Our state and nation are facing many challenges:loss of jobs, runaway government spending, regulations that discourage business development and federal health care regulations that increase costs without improving individual coverage.  In Lansing and Washington, we need changes that will put Michigan’s residents back to work.  It is important to elect leaders who understand that jobs come from a robust private sector and are not created by government.  We need to elect leaders who will preserve our way of life and keep our environment healthy.  I encourage you to vote for Dan Benishek for Congress.

Republican candidate for Congress, Tom Stillings said:  As we all know, these are pivotal times.  The decisions we are all about to make whether as individuals, or as a nation will determine the nature of the world that we will leave to our children and grandchildren.  The only rational choice is a person of conservative values. We need someone who will have a team behind him and around him to back up his proposals, as he works with them to downsize and limit the federal government.  Today, I formally endorse Dr. Dan Benishek.  After spending months on the campaign trail, and having met and observed the opposition, I feel uniquely qualified to make this judgment.  For the sake of the nation and for the sake of our children, I urge all to vote to send Dr. Dan to Congress.

National Conservative Activist and former Governor of Alaska and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin said:  There’s a lot of talk about the race in Michigan’s 1st Congressional District.  Dr. Dan Benishek is the kind of commonsense voice  we need in Washington to replace the retiring Bart Stupak. As a  physician, he understands why Obamacare must be repealed and replaced  with true health care reform. Dan is determined to work to get our  country’s fiscal house in order. As a self-described “hunter and  fisherman and proud member of the NRA,” he’s great for Michigan 1st  District, which like Alaska, is home to outdoor enthusiasts who love  their hunting and fishing.

Radio talk-show host Herman Cain came to Northern Michigan twice to speak on Dan Benishek’s behalf.  He said: Dr. Dan Benishek didn’t know a year ago that he was going to run for Congress for you all today.  I didn’t know a year ago that I was going to be here speaking on his behalf.  Dr. Dan Benishek is going to vote to repeal the Health Care Deform bill, and put a much better law in it’s place.  Let’s all get together and vote for this man, who will represent his constituency so well.  He will do the right thing for the people.  He is running for Congress for the right reasons.

Phyllis Schlafly, conservative author and activist said:  Dr. Benishek had the courage to stand up  and  say ‘Enough is Enough’ when he saw the way the liberal majority was growing government and spending taxpayer dollars.  Colleen Holmes, Executive Director of Eagle Forum followed up saying: “One of the greatest results we’re seeing with the Tea Parties and the massive grassroots outpouring against the current Congress’ agenda, is that candidates like Dan Benishek, who are committed to their faith, family and communities, are stepping up, making the sacrifice and doing the work necessary to run for Congress.

Docs4PatientCare, an organized grassroots society of medical professionals opposed to the new Health Care Law endorsed Dan Benishek.  Director and spokesman Dr. Richard Armstrong said:  It is unfortunate that the Congressman currently representing Michigan’s 1st District has played such an important role in the passage of the misguided legislation that is already starting to ruin the doctor-patient relationship. Obamacare is causing insurance premiums to rise and is leading to the inevitable rationing of care.  It is only fitting that Dr. Benishek, a physician who understands the importance of <strong>de-funding, repealing and replacing </strong>this legislation take this seat back to provide the people the representation they deserve.

Tea Party and Liberty group endorsements:
The Alpena Tea Party
The Otsego Tea Party
Lyle and Trudy Dickinson, leaders of the Onaway Tea Party
Dennis Kelly, president of the Petoskey Tea Party
Terry Lilley, president of the Gladwin Tea Party
Jim Hafeman, president of UP Patriots
Richard Abraham, President of Americans for Constitutional Enforcement

The Alpena News
The Iron Mountain Daily News
The Oscoda/Iosco News
The Detroit News
The Houghton Mining Gazette

A more complete listing of Dr. Dan Benishek’s endorsements can be found here.

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