Wide Awake and Fired Up for Christine O’Donnell Like Never Before!

MarkLevinFan has an absolutely great multimedia blog post that will fire you up to support Christine O’Donnell. You must read and listen and watch the whole thing. Christine is running for the seat previously held by Joe Biden, and she is a conservative Republican running against Representative Mike Castle. The primary is only eleven days away, and Castle’s camp is surprised he is not running away with the Republican Nomination, and has begun a smear campaign against O’Donnell.

Last night, Mark Levin opened his radio show by calling out the media, including some so-called conservative media for joining what appears to be a smear campaign against O’Donnell. He finally throws down a challenge directed at Castle to come on his show and debate the issues.

“I want to see if Mike Castle will come on this program and answer questions. Not about his rent. Not about what he does in his home. Not about any of that. No, I want to discuss government run health care, cap and trade, his record, his pro-choice position. I want to discuss matters that are going to matter to you and me.

I want to know if he would have voted for Elena Kagan. I believe he said he would, but I’m not sure, I’d have to double check that. I want to know what he would vote for to go in the court system.

I want to know what this man will do that affects our lives.”

Mike Castle voted for Cap and Trade, is pro-choice and said he would not repeal Obamacare. These issues are crucial to the Delaware people. Mark Levin is rightly angered by this smear by the National GOP and the State GOP of Delaware, and it is even more clear to those who are only partially paying attention when Mark received a phone call late in the show. The call alerted him to an interview of Tom Ross, the Republican Party Chair of Delaware. MarkLevinFan posted the video of the interview and it will absolutely make you crazy insane angry and ready to fight like hell for Christine.

The most disgusting parts of the interview by Carl Cameron of Fox News, shows the Republican Party of Delaware and it’s chairman to be completely out of touch with the average voter in the First State.

Ross is asked if this primary will be competitive, and answers that at the end of the day, Castle will be the nominee. Cameron raised the concern of the Tea Party Express, which has recently shown up in Delaware, raising money to defeat Castle. Ross blows this off, saying the people of Delaware know and love Castle, he’s a fiscal conservative and he’s created jobs. It literally only takes Ross 40 seconds into the interview to begin trashing Christine.

Cameron brings up the smears that have been dogging Christine all day, that she has had problems with her personal finances. Ross answers that he is not going to slam anyone for problems in their personal finances in these tough times, and then he slams Christine for having a tough time for 10 to 15 years as if that is real political fodder.

“When you’re running for office, and you’re running an aggressive campaign, and claiming you are a fiscal conservative, and had a 5 or 10 or 15 year period of real difficulty, I think that that is what really becomes relevant.”

My reaction? What a piece of filth this guy is! Unreal! Hey buddy, a lot of us have had tough times, some of us have our whole lives. So you want to put down a woman who is just like most Americans, because in your warped view, only people who have never had money problems until very recently are Senate material? What an elitist, snobby, out of touch thing to say. You are what makes the Republican Party so difficult to defend sometimes. You are why we are having a difficult time recruiting people to vote Republican and change their registration. Who wants to stand next to you and defend those remarks? The National GOP? Perhaps, but it will not be me and the vast numbers of Americans ready to take back the capitol from the Democrats.

“Christine is a really interesting character in that she has some of the attributes of being a good candidate, but what Christine really should be doing is focusing on Christine right now, and getting her own life together.”

What a chauvinist! He just said, basically, that little Christine can’t run with the big boys because she has her house to tend to. Are you kidding me? What a ludicrous thing to say! And everyone knows, Tommy Boy, that you are running scared of this woman, and I for one cannot wait to rub your nose in it in two weeks. You will have your comeuppance, and if the Republican women of Delaware do not take notice of your filthy attitude, I’m sure plenty of decent men will.

“Even though Christine has never had a negative ad run against her, her negatives are through the roof, because Delaware is a small place, where we know each other, and she’s just not a viable candidate for dogcatcher, let alone the Senate.”

Oh, but wait, I thought you said she has some of the attributes of being a good candidate? Now she can’t be a dogcatcher? Boy, you just keep talking and it is obvious this bash and trash is exciting you. You are all over the place, Tommy Boy, you bloated sack of horse manure.

“There are roughly 100.000 more Democrats than Republicans in this state, so in order to win, you have to sort of knit together a quilt that puts together a lot of independents, a lot of Republicans, and some conservative to moderate Democrats.”

This is hilarious. Tommy and Mikey are going to knit. Tommy in his pink blouse and Mikey with his Dopey smile are going knit a happy quilt of moderates and independents and Democrats.

“Ya know Christine O’Donnell only had 5 contributors from Delaware in the last quarter. The fact that you have an outside group coming into Delaware, to muddy up a beloved son that was governor and served this state in a very classy, dignified manner, you’re gonna have a lot of Republicans coming out to resoundly reject that.”

Tea Party Express, you keep on truckin’ and keep on raising money, and keep everyone’s spirits high and we will defeat this feckless loser and the entire good ol’ boy Republican establishment and they will be on their knees in two weeks asking what can they do for Christine. They will have cow-tow to Christine and lick her boots and say yes ma’am and please forgive me, and ask themselves what kind of flowers does Christine like, and wonder everyday if they will have a job in the Republican Party. Then they will see what it is like to struggle for awhile.

To watch an ad put together by the Tea Party Express, click here.

To contribute to Christine O’Donnell’s campaign and help take down the filthy establishment, click here.


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