Turning Michigan into a Red State

One of the most annoying things for me has been the fact that every time a vote has been held in congress in the past, the top half of Michigan would be shown in blue on a congressional vote map, along with the Detroit area.  If anything, the top half of Michigan is more like the nation’s south, than it is like the state’s southeast.  We are resourceful, tolerant people who have finally had enough.

I live in the First District of Michigan, and am involved in the primary elections which are quickly approaching, next Tuesday.

There is one Democrat in the race, a former farmer and manure seller, Gary McDowell, so the primary is focused only on the Republicans, and right now, the whole race is focused on only two of the 5 running.  State Senator Jason Allen, a liberal Republican, and Dr. Dan Benishek, a surgeon who has decided to run for congress for the first time.

Right now, since Jason works for me, I’ll call him by his first name.  Jason has been a frightful employee, and I am deciding not to rehire him next Tuesday.  I believe in Dr. Dan, and if it were up to me, I’d send him to Washington right away, but it doesn’t work that way.

Bart Stupak is still sitting in the seat of the First District, and we won’t be able to get his sorry butt out of there until after he inflicts more damage.   Bart is another employee of mine that is so far out of touch with his district, that he hires people to attack constituents through letters to the editor in the local papers.  I truly believe the health care vote was just the last straw for the rest of his employers here in the district, the first nail in the coffin was the stimulus and then the second was when he voted for Cap and Trade. Luckily, Bart is retiring soon, but he will probably be given a job in the administration.   My guess is that he will head up the new Stewardship of the Oceans, our Coasts, and the Great Lakes Agency, just set up by the Obama Administration via Stupak’s favorite new way of legislating, by Executive Order.

So, my employees are really really sucky right now, and though it is true that the time is ripe for the rest of the members of the district to want a change, some of them don’t get how it will be accomplished.

Because I am one of the privileged voters who gets to decide who I keep as an employee, I’d like to offer the other members of the district some important insight on who to fire and who to hire.

Bart is going to inflict more damage from now until January, that’s a given.  I doubt he’ll stump for Gary, but if he does, it would greatly help the Republican.

If Jason wins the primary, he will get cold-cocked by the manure spreader.  Why?  Because Jason is THE Republican Party in Michigan, and he can’t change what’s already been written in his employee file.  Jason’s a crony capitalist who gives taxpayer money to politically connected corporations.  What do you think the manure spreader will do with that little nugget?

Dr. Benishek is like Reagan, he is a normal person who is understanding and thoughtful and he doesn’t tow the party line.  He is having to fight the party in this primary.  We all know that this district is not a Democrat district, nor is it a Republican district.  It’s a Conservative district, more on that later.

The only way that we will be able to lift our heads up and feel good about the future is if we hire the Doctor.  The Doc is one of us, and will represent us.

Then, when key votes happen in congress, 44% of the State’s total land mass will be red instead of blue, and then we’ll only have to work on Detroit.