Do I know Michigan Libs or what?

On May 25th, I said this in a comment posted on Free Republic:

“Allen is right now trying to come up with a good reason why he did that….something having to do with the abuse of the elderly, which I believe he will use to scare the older folks in the first. Just my opinion.”

We were discussing the primary race in Michigan’s First District, and I was referring to SB 731 and the fact that Jason Allen authored it to tow the party line and get some help for his buddy Mike Nofs from the SEIU, a parent company of ACORN.  What it would do is create a unionization scheme to forcibly unionize home health care workers, and Allen insisted it would not, but then changed the wording which proves it would.

At any rate, he is getting hammered by the Benishek Campaign, and blogs and elsewhere right now on this, so he has sent out a mailer to try to explain the matter to the elderly of the First District of Michigan.

The mailer says, “Jason Allen has a proven record of putting our families’ and seniors’ safety above politics.”  It may as well read, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

The mailer goes on, “Jason authored a bill to protect Seniors from thieves and predators by providing criminal background checks for home health care workers.”  Yes, the wolves must be unionized, that’ll fix ’em.

More, “The recent federal takeover of healthcare will be mostly paid for with $400 billion in cuts to Medicare.”  Oh my gosh!  This is hilarious.  Yes, nevermind the deathpanels, and the tax-slavery of your grand children, your Medicare is in jeopardy.

And, “While other politicians are playing politics and attacking his record of protecting seniors–Jason Allen saw a serious safety problem for our beloved seniors and he went to work to solve it while others did nothing.”  Well, if you ask me, government’s meddling in seniors lives like this is like a toddler that doesn’t know he’s strangling a pet by holding it around the neck.

Anyway, this is my “I told you so.”