How much harder should I work to keep them on unemployment?

Those of us working for small businesses have had to become more efficient and effective in every little thing we do. We have had to become faster, smarter, more mobile, more digital, more easily maneuverable, less emotional, and more resourceful than ever before, while keeping everyone employed, and yes, employing more.

All the time, paying higher taxes than ever before, especially unemployment taxes. So really, I am breaking my back so that people who have not even tried to look for work or start their own business can get free money.

You Republicans without a backbone who allow this extension are in my view killing small business.

You are breaking the backs of the foundation of America, the one thing that is able to work in the worst economic conditions, small business. All the time giving taxpayer money to big businesses who won’t establish business in America without our tax money.

You force us to work with less means while the government sucks our breath away.

How much harder do you want me to work? How many more hours do I have to put in so you don’t have to work? How much more do you want?

Take it. Take it all.

By the way, we the people are coming….