Docs4PatientCare Makes First Ever Endorsement Benishek MI01

Docs4PatientCare began as a grassroots movement led by a prominent physician in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Hal Scherz,who felt he must act in response to the AMA’s support of Obamacare.

Attempting to enact his big-government health care scheme, President Obama and his supporters frequently claimed that a “majority” of doctors supported his health-care plans. When the American Medical Association – which had opposed HillaryCare – signed onto Obama’s plan last year, the organization seemed to make the President’s case. Most people assumed that the AMA represented most of the doctors in the country. But in fact, the AMA represents less than 20 percent of all physicians in the United States. And yet as the organization’s leadership moved more to the left, it held a near monopoly on media attention on issues pertaining to public health. No longer.

On Saturday June 26th, 2010, Docs4PatientCare made it’s first ever endorsement. As a politically neutral group who advocate for responsible healthcare reform, they held a press conference in Marquette, MI at the Landmark Inn to endorse Dr. Dan Benishek for Congress.

Dr. Dan Benishek, a surgeon from Crystal Falls, MI, is running for the United States House of Representatives in Michigan’s First District. The seat, now held by retiring Representative Bart Stupak, comprises all of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and approximately the northern third of the Lower Peninsula.

Dr. Richard Armstrong, a general surgeon from Newberry, MI, delivered the endorsement in a speech that highlighted Dan’s abilities as a surgeon and the man he would replace in Congress.

Dr. Armstrong remarked,”It is unfortunate that the Congressman currently representing Michigan’s 1st District has played such an important role in the passage of the misguided legislation that is already starting to ruin the doctor-patient relationship. Obamacare is causing insurance premiums to rise and is leading to the inevitable rationing of care,” reported the Marquette Mining Journal.“It is only fitting that Dr. Benishek, physician who understands the importance of de-funding, repealing and replacing this legislation take this seat back to provide the people the representation they deserve.”

“Through advertising, grassroots activities and even direct financial support, thousands of doctors from all across the district and all across the nation will be making sure their voices are heard now that Dr. Benishek’s will be heard in the next United States Congress,” Armstrong said.

Docs4PatientCare has a main objective they share with Dr. Dan Benishek, to de-fund, repeal, and replace the health care reform law put forward by Obama’s administration.

Dr. Dan Benishek has been endorsed by fellow doctors who are current legislators, Representative Charles Boustany Jr., M.D. of Louisiana’s 7th congressional district, and Representative Michael Burgess, M.D. of the 26th district of Texas.

This endorsement from people who work in the medical field everyday certainly helps Dr. Dan Benishek in his quest to become the Representative of Michigan’s First District.

For a more clear understanding of what the law will do, Jill Vecchio, MD, created this slideshow, and it can be found on the Docs4PatientCare website.