Liberal Feminism Has Created Superwoman

Liberal Feminism has created Superwoman.

We’ve all heard stories of how the liberal jewel that is feminism just does not work out. After 30 odd years of telling women they can have it all, the liberal female story is still the same. According to the left there is still not equal pay for equal work, women may be able to tap the glass ceiling, but they will not be able to reach the top. The Democrat Party has taken the party nomination of the one easily identifiable woman in recent history, and then decided she wasn’t even qualified enough for Vice President. Sort of patted her on the back, and said, “nice try hon. “

Fear and insecurity has taken down many women. Why? Because the liberal version of feminism does not work in both a physical nature, and quite literally.

The liberal version of feminism forced women to work in a role that is not natural. It told women that men aren‘t useful, children were nuisances. Basically telling a woman that she can do everything a man can do, in fact she could wield the power that men do. Along the line, liberal feminists championed abortion, and flooded the courts, media and public school education with stories of how poor girls were getting raped by their fathers all across the land, and they had no other recourse. Media stories told young girls that since an aborted fetus is not a real baby, just a tissue mass, that a girl mustn’t feel guilt, it was never alive. Except that it was, and she would, because that’s natural.

The liberal version of feminism rewarded the lazy. It taught self-centered egotism instead of confidence. That if a girl only had enough self-esteem that she could do anything she wanted. That teaching was advanced by creating the illusion that women were minorities and so the movement went to work to lower the standards of nearly every task of accomplishment. Making victims of every woman that followed it.

But somewhere on the outskirts of town, women kept on trying. These women with strong grips on the idea that they can have it all, worked at it. These women with strong men in their lives making them know that they could do anything they wanted to, and do it well. These women with strong family ties and an understanding of real life in America. These women that learned quickly that the world does not care a sniff about their “self-esteem.” These women that allowed instinct to take over and to produce children in a loving atmosphere, and to do everything, even give up everything for that child to be better than they. These are women who would never take a handout from their family, friends, and especially the government.

These women are not the minority. It is finally being realized that women are the majority, and that the majority of women work A LOT.

Nearly every mother I know works at a job or owns a business, has children, a husband, a home, is a member of at least one service organization, manages the family’s finances, makes calls for the family’s health appointments, takes their children to whatever sport or club they are in after school, provides three meals for the family, organizes the home, does the laundry, washes the dishes and does her best to keep the whole family smiling.

How about a woman who does all that, owns guns, loves her country, goes to church on Sunday, and melts when she sees a baby. I know many of them.

How about a woman who does all that, snowmobiles, hunts, fishes, and can’t wait to hear what her husband has to say. I know quite a few of them.

How about a woman who does all these things, and has learned about life by living it.

There she is, Superwoman.