Forget John McCain, THIS is straight talk *UPDATE*

Got the embed figured out, thanks izoneguy.

Chris Christie for President!

I’m not kidding. Did you see the look on the people’s faces? Even those who you KNOW would normally disagree?

This guy has an ability to connect at a visceral level, and speak truths that no one can deny, no matter their political persuasion. I don’t care if he’s fat. He gets the job done, and that’s always been the criteria, hasn’t it? Compare this to last night’s Oval Office speech.

Yes, I’m a fan. I’ve seen the man work.

UPDATE: From Ed Morrisey at Hotair, who has been doing this much longer and better than I (and for filthy lucre – is there a correlation?):

One of the questions that often comes up in analysis is whether the American electorate is really prepared for the kind of tough budget cuts that are necessary to get the country back on the right track of fiscal responsibility. Christie is making New Jersey into a test case. Its electorate tilts towards the Democrats, but they elected Christie handily to reject the Leftward policies that ran the state aground. Christie has publicly and explicitly challenged the public-sector unions, has already enacted significant cuts to the budget and some services, and offers this kind of defense of conservative policies on a regular basis. If New Jersey voters wind up rewarding Christie for his clear-eyed and honest work, it should serve as a lesson that voters really do understand that there is no free lunch, and that they’re prepared to reward fiscal responsibility over pork-barrel politics.

Says it better than I. Could be why I’m a dilettante and he’s a professional, methinks.

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