Tiger has a lesson for all of us, just not Golf

We have a Fifth Amendment, and it comes in quite handy.

Tiger Woods, as we all, has the “right not to incriminate himself” and NOT talk to the police.

He followed that simple directive and received this:

Tiger Woods will be cited for careless driving in a car crash outside his Orlando-area mansion, but will not face criminal charges, the Florida Highway Patrol said Tuesday.

Which was all he could be charged with by the evidence the police had. It’s $164 and 4 points. A misdemeanor moving violation. For Tiger, that’s literally pocket (lint) money, and he’s little risk for losing his license.

They could do no more because they weren’t handed evidence from the suspects themselves.

It’s entirely conceivable that no matter what he may have said to the cops, they would have found something more with which to charge him, or even charge his wife with a crime. And that’s just the legal issues. What about the tabloids? No one will know, at least from this episode.

Smart, Tiger, smart.

And before you tell me that an innocent man has nothing to fear and should talk to the police, watch this video:


The 5th Amendment conundrum – silence has the appearance of guilt – simply is not legally true, it’s why we have a 5th amendment – you cannot be compelled to incriminate yourself.

You can volunteer, though….

This isn’t a Golf lesson, it’s a life lesson.

Watch the whole thing, and part 2 to see the other side.