Jesus was a Community Organizer

“Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a Governor”

That’s the latest from the Left and their attempt to reduce the election to slogans. Susan Sarandon used it just yesterday. If she were as learned as she purports to be, she wouldn’t have said this.

It sounds good on it’s face, and makes a great bumper-sticker slogan, and sounds true to those who are only passingly familiar with Catholic and Christian doctrine.

Jesus was NOT a community organizer, he was the leader of a movement. The largest and most far-reaching of movements the world has ever seen. It has only been rivaled by the movement started by Mohammed, yes, Mohammed.

Community Organizing, as practiced by Barack Obama and his group in the mid to late 80’s stressed that the organizer NOT be the leader of the group he was to organize. He was to find a charismatic member of the group and he was the spokesman for the aggrieved. The organizer’s job was to assemble the group and give them direction towards obtaining some concession from the powers that be. That way, it appeared that it was a grass-roots organization assembled to right some wrong or fix a problem. It, in reality, is a synthetic, or manufactured organization. I’m not trying to discount the help that many community organizers have given to their communities – many are legitimately trying to help the communities to which they’re assigned. It’s just that they’re not a part of the community or fundamentally responsible to those communities, but to their employer, who may have their own agenda.

An analogy: If Jesus had his own community organizer, they would not be one of the Apostles, they would be an anonymous disciple sent by a sympathetic group who wanted to overthrow Rome and Herod, the organizer would constantly come to Jesus with ideas to help the cause. “We need to do something to bring attention to our cause. Let’s go to the Temple and cause a ruckus!” “Jesus, you need to do something to show you’re the Savior, feed these people!” “You need to go to Jerusalem this week, it’ll make them listen to you!”

What would you think of the Passion if it weren’t Jesus idea to go in and face Pontius Pilate, but the idea of an “organizer” not working with his Apostles, but for another group interested in gaining influence or money from the Romans and Herod?

It would be no movement at all.