Has the press seen the light?

The press went more than a little nuts for about a week and a half, then realized that they were making fools of themselves and just as abruptly stopped in the past couple of days.

They didn’t get more objective, however, they just stop being hysterical about it. They went back to where they were before it all started, not blatant but subtly slanted to disfavor McCain/Palin. Case in point HERE – a recent AP article about earmarks vis a vis Palin and Obama. The story mentioned the $1 Billion he’s requested, but highlighted last year’s per capita earmarks for each, $295 for Palin, $25 for Obama – something not brought up before. That leaves the reader with the impression she’s disingenuous about the subject. It also somehow doesn’t mention at all the fact that McCain has NEVER requested an earmark in 28 years in elected office, and Obama only stopped (with much fanfare) when he began his campaign last year – and we want to compare apples to apples anyway, right?. It’s all very objective on it’s face, but these articles somehow always leave the impression the GOP is in the wrong. You can almost understand why we feel we have a legitimate beef with the press on the subject of fair and accurate reporting.