No Class

McCain congratulated Obama for his nomination. It was a classy thing to do. The video and the response from the Obama campaign can be seen here: http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2008/08/obama-campaig-1.html.

I hadn’t seen Obama’s response on TV. It’s easy to miss, as I record a lot and watch on weekends, so I could have missed it. So I went to Obama’s youtube channel, figuring they’d have it there.

This is what I found searching “mccain congratulations ad” : http://www.youtube.com/profilevideos?user=BarackObamadotcom&searchquery=mccain+congratulations+ad&search=Search

It tried every combination I could think of, even just mccain, congratulations, convention, republican. I browsed through all 1228 videos on the site. Nothing was there, as promised by David Pluffe, Obama’s campaign manager.

I am a Republican. I was probably going to vote for McCain by default. But I’m not THAT strong a Republican. I was looking for a reason to vote for a candidate, Democrat or Republican, not against one, and Obama has many things about him to recommend. I WANTED to like him.

The last two weeks of conventions and speeches and actions have solidified my opinion and position, and these two links are but one stark example of why. It’s not the candidates laundry list of kitchen table positions on everything from unions to abortion to gun control to school reform to just who is going to make you better off and win the war on terror and bring back our standing in the world. It’s the measure of the men and women in this race. The more I have looked into the records, and the history of the people in this race, I have found Obama, Biden, and the people with whom they surround themselves wanting. They do not have integrity and they do not have my vote.

Now, I follow politics like most people follow football. I find it fascinating. But until now, I’ve been an interested, if somewhat partisan observer, but not an activist. I’m not even registered with any party. That has changed. For the first time, I have donated to a political campaign of any type.

McCain/Palin ‘08

For me the choice is now clear. For everyone else across the political spectrum you I suggest you look very closely at all the candidates and the people that have influenced them throughout their lives, and then let your conscience be your guide.

Jeff Weimer