Campbell Brown

It’s been said before, and I agree, CINC of any NG is rather thin. It was that way 16 and 8 years ago, it’s thin now. It’s just now it’s a “Gotcha!”. They guy she ran over was clearly over his head in this situation.

My theoretical response (it’s not much – not too much to work with):

Any governor has the same responsibility and authority of any government primary executive to send their fellow citizens in harm’s way. Granted, a Governor does not send her army into battle, but they still send them into very dangerous situations, as we have seen after numerous natural and man-made disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina and the 1992 LA riots. As part of that, these executives have the moral imperative and constitutional authority to ensure their troops are properly led, trained, and equipped, if only to ensure their safety in these dangerous situations. Governor Palin, it’s true, did not have a passport before becoming Governor. However, one of her first actions was to obtain one and visit her fellow Alaskans on the front line in the war on terror. It’s what Presidents and Vice Presidents, and Governors – no, it’s what True Leaders do when they are concerned about the welfare of fellow citizens in their charge. My question to you, Campbell, since this issue is in the air, what has either candidate on the Democrat ticket done that has shown the same concern?

Here’s my rationale for this is so thin (despite the lofty rhetoric):

Any senior ENLISTED Sailor, Marine, Airman, or Soldier, that is E-7 and up, would look at the above paragraph and say “It’s a frickin’ JOB description, just what has she done other than merely show she ‘cares’? Has she made a measurable impact on their fighting ability? Has she done anything to improve their battle-readiness? after all, they’ll fold into the regular Army soon enough for a tour in Iraq or Afghanistan. Has she let them merely drill, or has she sent them on meaningful missions that will have a positive impact on their ability to meet their core missions? If not, this is BS, put her fitrep at the bottom of the pile.”

If she can answer that to the noncoms (who really give a damn about such things on a daily basis), she’ll have no problems with the MSM, sho mostly don’t have any meaningful military experience. Of course, they largely don’t understand the jobs involved, just the prestige, so the job description above will set them on their keister anyway.

Campbell, don’t ask the question if you can’t understand the answer….