Thoughts on Palin's introduction

She can certainly give a speech. I rate it at or above Obama’s acceptance speech last night.

Why is it the Democrats talk about the little guy, but the Republicans live it?

Neat fact: Both McCain and Palin have sons who ENLISTED in the military (Marine Corps and army respectively). Does that show elitism? They have a personal stake in the outcome of Iraq and Afghanistan. Can the other team say the same thing?

Can she debate? We’ll see. I think she’ll wipe the floor with ‘ramblin’ Joe Biden. She certainly can fight. Alaska is strewn with the bodies that crossed The Sarah.

I really think McCain hit a home run with this. Obama has judgement to lead? As David Brooks said, his accomplishments are in the future. McCain’s accomplishments are there for all to see. They say McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time. When he hasn’t, he’s put his name on it by sponsoring the legislation. Can Obama say the same? McCain has shown, and continues to show he CAN MAKE A DECISION, and with a few exceptions, his JUDGEMENT can not be assailed.

I’ve been a Palin fan since her name was first tentatively floated (and largely dismissed). I dared not hope, but McCain has come through. My vote was assured. Will get my lifelong Democrat parents (and Hillary fans) to vote GOP? I’ll work on them. We’re all Scoop Jackson Democrats (quite conservative), staying with the party because they are staunchly pro-union (Dad is retired railroad). Like it or not, McCain is, really, a Scoop Jackson Democrat, it’s just the party left them behind when they went, well, left. I migrated to the GOP, they remain Dem out of loyalty, but reserve the right to vote for whomever they please. Will this tip the scales? Look at it this way – no other VP nominee would have me even entertain the idea.

Heck, Alaska has always been considered Seattle’s own pet state – that goes back to the Yukon Gold Rush. She might even bring Washington to the Red. Okay, that’s probably a stretch – but not too much of one! Eastern WA leans GOP, but is usually overwhelmed by the large population centers in the Seattle-Bellevue area, who are almost always a solid progressive vote. This just may soften it enough for the state to tip barely into the GOP column – it’s 11 electors after all, and every little bit counts.