That giant sucking sound....

Kudos to the McCain campaign, they have been extremely shrewd scheduling the VP announcement for today. It was designed to steal the thunder from Obama no matter who he picked, if only for the simple fact everyone would be wondering just WHO he will pick and not analyzing and promoting the Obama platform.

But this, this is made of pure, unvarnished, 200 proof AWESOME.

The One and his party will not be able to get a word in edgewise for the next WEEK for want of oxygen. Now no one will analyze the DNCC. Well, except for MSNBC anyway. This was such an outside the box decision, nobody’s really looked into her, even the Democrats didn’t have a clue.

The McCain campaign has been hitting on all cylinders for the past few months. The Obama campaign staffers now have a huge headache, and it’s not a hangover from Denver.

Final point. In this election year, where everything favors the Democrats to take the White House, McCain needs to run a perfect campaign to to even have a chance. Until the recent shake-up, there were serious worries that we couldn’t overcome this built-in disadvantage. Since then, every move has been nearly pitch-perfect by the GOP nominee. This selection of Palin as VP nominee is doubly so. He has been especially effective since Obama seems well, tone-deaf to the 60-70% of the electorate that either doesn’t agree with his proposed policies or is unsure about him.

H/T to Hotair for the link to “The Next Cheney”.