Item 10,386 in "coulda seen this comin'"

Found this on HotAir Headlines, had to post here with Commentary.


Go figure. China doesn’t want Journalists roaming around, they just might find something embarrassing. I like the part about the “live” tv feed – it has a 10 second delay, the better to not let the masses know just how illegitimate the totalitarian government really is.

When will we in the West quit mollycoddling these brutal regimes? They say the Games are nonpolitical, but everyone, especially China, know better. It serves to legitimize an illegitimate government that brutally represses its people, restricts their knowledge, and now seeks to restrict ours. Why did anyone with half a brain think we would have no problems of this nature, that they’d keep their word?

The sad fact of the matter is that these games will serve as a “Potemkin Event” designed to only show how wonderful Communist China is. Wait, all this sounds a little familiar.

Jeff Weimer