Unions – Right to Violence

It’s rare that I see a display of total and utter idiocy as the reaction to the Michigan Right-to-Work vote as ginned up by the unions. To be uncharacteristically blunt, it’s also no excuse to be a dumb ass.

Yet, dumb assery is what happened

For those that lived under a rock (or watch the Main Steam Media), union members took it upon themselves to attack the opposing Americans for Properity tent because the group opposed the union point of view.

As reported, “A mob of unionists protesting Michigan’s enactment of right-to-work legislation — which allows workers to choose whether to pay union dues — attacked a tent that had been pitched on the capitol grounds by peaceful counter-demonstrators. Crowder was among those pleading for restraint as the union thugs set upon the tent, using knives to slash its canvas and ties, so that it collapsed on the people inside. For standing in their way, Crowder was punched in the face three times, received a very loud and profane death threat, and was finally grabbed by his coat collar and pulled backwards as he attempted to retreat.”

If that weren’t enough, the vendor Clint Tarver, providing hot dogs to the attacked tent didn’t escape either, “Tarver, who is black, said the protesters called him an “Uncle Tom” and the n-word for working for Americans for Prosperity, a conservative group supporting the right-to-work law.” Tarver’s cart, his business, was trashed in the melee. The good in people came out and funds have been raised to restore Tarver’s business and cart.

To be very clear, I do not condemn all union members for the actions of a relative few. Most members are working folks that simply want to go to work, do a good job, get paid and go home to family. These good people are not whom I am speaking of when I say that this is the kind of union idiocy that has made unions irrelevant.

Whereas we are to be nice and sensitive to all Americans, if you are a progressive, if the target is a Conservative, it can slide. This is the view of the Gawker’s, Max Read, “…serious progressives are supposed to condemn violence as a political tactic, because it’s wrong and in many cases counterproductive. But do we really need to condemn the union protestor who socked Fox News comedian Steven Crowder in the jaw?”

Read went on to say, “(Crowder) ended up inserting himself in the middle of a tense argument between protestors and staffers of Americans for Prosperity, the anti-union group funded by libertarian billionaires Charles and David Koch.”

Not wanting to leave out the evil, villainous Koch’s, he put a tick in that box on his list. Nonetheless, it is a clear blindness to Liberals, the very thing the abhor on campuses and the like, they rally around and applaud when the victim is a Conservative.

Unions have long been violent and have been allowed to be violent. The spectacle being ignored, that’s the liberal press for you. Consider the ‘racist’ TEA Party. Those crazy extreme zealots. Press coverage?

Ironic, isn’t it?

Do we hear about the hot dog vendor at the Union protests? Racial slurs by the union thugs? Nyet.

Though the (Koch Brothers supported) Americans for Prosperity tent was cut down byknives with people inside including woman and children, do we hear about that? Nope.

Unions have long been given a pass on epic stupidity?

In 1993, Eddie York was killed at the hands of strikers. Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO President said then, “Responding to concerns about violence, he shrugged to the Virginian-Pilot in September 1993: “I’m saying if you strike a match and you put your finger in it, you’re likely to get burned.””

A man was shot to death for trying to go to work. To make a living. Trumka’s reaction? To bad for him.

No wonder union thugs feel they can destroy, beat and harm anyone they wish. Their leadership looks the other way.

The complicity of the President to support unions with a long and storied history of violence, the press for just not giving a darn and union leaders all but encouraging violence and chaos; there is a total lapse of moral symmetry. There is simply no objectivity and no shame in the support of these violent unions.

That which liberals decry of Conservatives is the very thing they turn a blind eye to when union violence erupts. It’s asinine. It would never be acceptable for Conservative nor should it be.

When the masses of union thugs gather in protest, if a little death, destruction (Wisconsin state capital anyone?) or violence occurs; well, what harm is a little criminal assault going to do?

Funny though, when I was grumbling in my head about the whole ordeal, of all things, there was a Black Sabbath song lyric that that popped in to my head, “If you listen to fools, the mob rules.”

Fools, indeed.

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