Unions Have Declared Open Season – So What?

With the re-election of President Obama, it appears that Unions have deemed it true that a collective bargaining renaissance has arrived.

We have strikes abounding. Could it be the great revival of the strong union label? Not likely.

Twinkie (aka Hostess) was called back to the bargaining table by a bankruptcy judge. While it would appear that the judge was siding with the union, the judge, Honerable Robert Drain had noted the union skipped the step of lodging an objection to the pre-strike. He remarked, “Many people, myself included, have serious questions as to the logic behind this strike…Not to have gone through that step leaves a huge question mark in this case.”

A strike for strikes sake? Hard to think otherwise.

If you recall in September of this year, the Chicago Teachers Union delivered their ownshort lived strike. Upon resolution of the of strike, union leader Karen Lewis state, ”This shows overwhelming recognition by our members that this contract represents a victory for students, communities and our profession” and further the teachers union noted that more resources should be put in to the locals schools.

Which would be great but the Chicago teachers being the highest paid most anywhere, are willing to take any money that could otherwise go to student care, away from the students.

We have a bakers union trying to extract the last drop of blood from a company all but dying on the vine. A teacher union that wants to improve the student experience but takes any such money for themselves. Not the students.

They refer to this as workers rights. It’s like a Bill of Rights. Like the American Bill of Rights where we enumerate the limits on government.

According to the AFL-CIO’s Workers Stand for America, there needs to be a Second Bill of Rights to include, The Right to Full Employment and a Living Wage, The Right to Full Participation in the Electoral Process, The Right to a Voice at Work, The Right to a Quality Education and The Right to a Secure, Healthy Future. The great difference from the originals one, the Second Bill of Rights makes claims on the government…and everyone else.

It’s worth noting how neatly this comports with the liberal Democrat platform. This is not news nor is it the point.

Moreover, it is an entitlement mentality. Key is a sense of entitlement and to the detriment of others.

This was key to Wisconsin’s Governor’s Scott Walker and the recall, collective bargaining. Pointedly, The Governor stated that without the ability to forego the onerousness of the process, many Wisconsin workers would be unemployed simply because the governments could not afford them.

The unions sent people to squat in the capital and wreck the place. The message was effectively; so what. Who cares about the jobs of others, so long as I can still gas up my boat on Saturday.

Though to hear AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, unionization it is about “…us exercising our voice for an economy that works for everybody, and … [we are] inviting people to come and join — politicians of both stripes…This isn’t about the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. This is about working people, about what’s best for the country and creating an economy that works for everyone.”

Unless you’re Hostess. In which case, good luck.

Unions lack one fundamental understanding of the economy; there needs to be enough actual cash to support paychecks and pensions. That company actually needs to profit. That capitalism must exist at all.

The union mentality has long demonized the management of corporations. So be it. This demonization has oft been well warranted. I won’t suffer the fools who pocket the spoils while burying the very business that provided them spoils.

What of the well run, profitable corporation gainfully employing many? Greedy, that’s what they are. Greedy. Not to mention, if you are a CEO and openly Republican, may as well ask who’s in the seat next to Satan.

Where once unions were leavening element against Robber Baron corporate captains, they have become a parasite seeking to draw the last bit of blood from capitalism before declaring it dead.

…only to realize that they killed the cow with the cash.

It is due to the adversarial system of existence that unions have faltered. Union membership has declined to an 80 year low of 6.9%. This trend continues even with much more union amenable laws in place.

What union bosses have failed to grasp is the simple concept of adding value. While unions are working to add value to the labor force, and this is not an altogether ignoble goal, they have long forgotten that value must be brought to the corporation as well.

If the worker a company gets from the union is better prepared and adds profit value to the bottom line, this will always be desirable. Why wouldn’t you hire that person.

Still, unions negotiate for less work. Sure, when it was 12 hours a day, 7 days a week in dirty conditions, it makes sense this was on the table.

When the Chicago Teachers Union wanted to negotiate down from the nations already shortest work day in education, where then is the value?

Republicans fear that a freewheeling NLRB will even further liberalize the already loosey-goosey labors laws. Let them. It will have no material affect on unionization.

With unions losing jobs for its members, taking more member money and putting companies and governments in to deficit and debt, there is little viability in an adversarial union.

Declare your rights, declare your strike then declare yourself, the union, dead.

Cross posted at the Rightward Journal