Obama the Feckless Redux

Not so long ago, I wrote about Obama’s fecklessness. In this, I largely detailed some historical information about how unpopular and poorly received he was as a college lecturer, his failure in Benghazi and his poor debate performance.

This is not headline maker stuff but worth discussing.

After reflecting a little about this, I realized that I left out so much. So much that makes President Barack Obama the definition of feckless.

The press is a funny thing.

No, I haven’t changed subjects. The press is as much to blame, if you will, for the failures of the Obama Presidency. Complicity loves company and Obama sure likes the press. Though I should be clear, the President doesn’t much like the press corps when they’re actually doing their job.

Much like the deluded actor on the decline, believing your own press can be fatal.

It’s been very clear that the press lacks a fundamental curiosity regarding Benghazi. When I say ‘lacking curiosity’, I mean to say; the press is that kid that plops down to the floor, plugs his ears and screams ‘I’m not listening!’. If there was a way to look away further than 180 degrees, the press have found it.

Certainly, this has not always been the case. Recall in 2004, a large cache of weapons had gone missing in Iraq…There was certainly no lack of curiosity from the press. Americans didn’t even die.

Better yet, remember Dan (Rather, that is) deep sixing his career over a 30 year old National Guard story? Thinking it was important three decades hence. Dan still stands behind the story, “I am not at CBS now because I and my team reported a true story. It was a tough story, a story a lot of people didn’t want to believe and it was subjected to a terrific propaganda barrage to discredit it.”

In addition to forged documents debasing the truth claim, it was immaterial whether or not it was a true story…it was old.

Why is this at all important?

The press is selective on what they deem important. Even when it is apples to apples, if you’re a Republican apple, too bad for you. If you are Obama, the apple of the press’ eye, lucky you. You get a pass.

This is largely the point, when not held to a fire of any sort, the cloistered President has no counter-narrative to balance his otherwise ersatz sense of greatness.

I mean, really, Obama’s strength was his foreign policy? Without an alert press, their is no balance to the check of the President. Obama could make a politically calculated decision not to help the folks in the Libyan Embassy. In simple terms, Obama’s fecklessness occurs because he has no penalty of the press. In hockey, they call this an assist.

To be sure, we quite readily know about the failure of President Obama’s ‘Green Energy’ initiatives. As remarked by Mitt Romney in the October 3rd debate, “In one year, you provided $90 billion in breaks to the green energy world. Now, I like green energy as well, but that’s about 50 years’ worth of what oil and gas receives.”

We know that many so-called ‘Green Companies’ have failed in an epic manner. We also know that Obama doesn’t seem to like ‘Millionaires and Billionares’. Unless your in the business of Green. Energy, that is. But for Obama’s Green Energy friends, that means you are in that other green too, money.

In a recent Washington Examiner editorial, the failure of Obama’s green program were detailed as followed:

  •  Biofuel manufacturer Amyris Inc., for example, was given $24.3 million in taxpayer money to turn plant sugars into diesel fuel. At one point, this helped push its stock price above $30 a share. Today, Amyris has closed two of its three plants, and its stock sells for less than $3. Amyris’ insiders got rich first, though, netting $21 million in stock sales after the firm went public in September 2010.
  • Solazyme, another biofuel manufacturer, received $21.8 million from Obama’s Energy Department. Its stock once traded at more than $25 a share but now is worth less than $9. Its corporate insiders realized $18.4 million in capital gains before the stock price collapsed.
  • Corporate insiders at A123 Systems were not as quick to cash out as their biofuel colleagues. The Massachusetts electric-car battery manufacturer received a $249 million grant from Obama’s Energy Department in 2009, before going bankrupt last month. Its stock was worth more than $25 a share when it first went public in September 2009. A123 officers and directors still made more than $11 million in stock sales.
  • Another high-profile failure, First Solar…sold off much of its $3 billion in federal loan guarantees to third parties before it laid off 30 percent of its workforce and its stock price declined by more than 90 percent from its 2011 high. The company’s head, Michael Ahearn, has extracted more than $329 million in stock sales since 2009 all by himself.

Michael Ahearn (as well as First Solar invester Paul Tudor Jones, a 2008 Obama Bundler), as detailed in Peter Schweizer’s book, Throw Them All Out, “gives generously (and exclusively) to Democrats.” Hmmm.

There is lots of money to be made in Green Energy. Unless you’re one of those unemployed people who used to work at an aforementioned ‘green’ company. If by feckless, you mean an indifference to those needing jobs, you’d be right.

And jobs is Obama’s biggest failure.

Late in October, the President took to a teleprompter, waiving a glossy pamphlet touting his new economic plan.

New? Weren’t jobs an issue during the last four years?

Believing that late is better than never “The New Economic Patriotism: A Plan for Jobs & Middle-Class Security” was minted.

What on God’s green earth is Economic Patriotism?

Most of the dreck within the plan is not a plan. As a matter of fact, there is almost nothing new in the plan. Just a rehashing of accomplishments (that aren’t accomplishments). That which is not is an ‘accomplishment’ remains the same promises made when he was just Candidate Obama.

Ok, he did offer to hire more teachers. About 100,000 of them. So, that was new.

It is this campaign maneuver that finds Obama most feckless in the ineffective sense. Consider that he holds up a jobs plan, after 4 years of not creating jobs, as if he had the newest and greatest solution. Even CNN said that the math on the plan didn’t add upalbeit, it wasn’t Candy Crowley saying it.

…and only two weeks before the election. It’s not even a good campaign tactic.

For as much as the liberal mind wishes that President Obama is a competent, assured and  informed leader. It is simply not true. The President suffers from Millon’s Elitist Narcissism (persons whose behavior is reckless, resolute and self-assured – traits, however, that have a reactive character) and such a sense does not serve him, the Presidency or the citizens of the United States.

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