Clinton Now Admits that he is in favor of Same Sex Marriage

Bill Clinton just admitted that he is in favor of same sex marriage in an interview with Anderson Cooper. I use the term “admitted” intentionally here, because if you believe for one second that he really opposed the idea of same sex marriage and only now had a change of heart, then I have a bridge to sell to you.

I think this typifies my problem with the left in America. I don’t mind if they are liberal. I can deal with that. I only wish that they would be honest about what they really believe in, and are really working toward. However, they do not do so, because they are cowards. I don’t use that term loosely, as it is a serious charge. Bill Clinton is a coward for not admitting he is in favor of same sex marriage while he was President (or better yet, when he was running for President). By the same token, Barack Obama is a coward for not admitting that he is in favor of same sex marriage now. If Bill Clinton and Barack Obama had run for President, OPENLY committed to appointing Supreme Court Justices (Breyer, Ginsburg, Sotomayor) who will declare marriage a constitutional right (thereby guaranteeing same sex marriage in every state), and the American people had elected them knowing this, then I could accept that outcome.  But they didn’t run on such a premise, rather they just appointed such justices.

It isn’t just same sex marriage, but so many other issues as well. Single payer healthcare is another prime example. I don’t mind that Barack Obama is in favor of socialized medicine. That is an honest difference of opinion I have with him. It doesn’t make either of us bad people. What does in fact make one of us a bad person, is that one of us is being dishonest about our intentions.

You know the biggest similarity between the two major Presidential candidates in election 2008? They were both pretending to be more conservative than they really are. That should tell you, more than anything, where the American people really are politically.