Pissed off; how do I reach McCain?

I want to scream because I love my country so much.I see the media actively campaigning for the defeat of a man who has done everything he can do in his life to support and defend everything that is right and good about my country, in favor of a man who is never demonstrated anything resembling the kind of courage it takes to lead America, simply because the latter fits into their ideological preference.

I see the media actively trying to destroy a woman who is an inspiration to millions, simply because she actually believes in the religious doctrines of the church she is a member of, instead of simply calling herself a “Christian”, while endorsing and enabling everything the church stands against, as so many of her liberal counterparts do.

What can I do to get John McCain to wake up and realize that general election, presidential politics is not for “gentlemen”?

What can I do to make him see that the media is not his friend anymore?

Am I the only one who finds McCain’s notion that he should not use all of Obama’s liabilities against him rediculous?

Am I the only one who thinks that calling out Obama on his association with people like Jeremiah Wright is not only fair, but absolutely necessary?

Am I the only one who knows that the media will compare anything Republican’s say to the “Willie Horton” ad anyway, so we might as well stop caring about it and just say what we feel?

As for that, am I the only one who thinks that the “Willie Horton” ad was perfectly legitimate and that Dukakis deserved to lose for allowing felons to go free?

What can I do to get John McCain to “stand up” and “fight” like he asked me to do in his acceptance speech a few weeks ago?

That is a serious question. Would someone please tell me how we can reach John McCain? He obviously can’t repsond to every individual email or letter, so does anyone know how we can get the message to him, so he will stop listening to whatever idiot is advising him to be such a softee?