Joe Scarborough calls Glenn Beck a "tool"

Glenn Beck’s 912 special aired today on Fox News. I missed it because I’m not a particular fan of GlennBeck, plus it’s Saturday and I’m watching college football. However, I have my twitter open and a message from MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough caught my eye:

“Beck just quoted the Bible about ‘fighting against darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places.'” (link)

“God help us all from someone using the Bible to attack political opponents.” (link)

“I’m curious. What “spiritual wickedness” is Obama guilty of according to Beck?” (link)

Something about this really bothered me. And it’s not because I care all that much about Beck. Because as I said, I really don’t. I don’t have anything against him, he’s just a little too emotional for me. However, Glenn Beck is a conservative who has been driving those on the Left nuts the past few weeks. Beck is primarily responsible for getting the Left Wing Truther Van Jones removed from the White House. He also had a hand in getting Acorn fired from working with the US Census. He inspires millions and millions of Americans who watch him every day (His show on Fox News, just hit 3.3 million viewers) to fight back against the radical agenda of the Obama administration. His book “Common Sense” was #1 for weeks and weeks and weeks. It’s still ranked #10 over all on amazon.com and is #1 in a handful of categories. So when I saw Joe Scarborough, the only conservative voice on MSNBC go after fellow conservative, I had to say something:

“Could @JoeNBC be a little more self righteous? RT @JoeNBC: God help us all from someone using the Bible to attack political opponents.” (link)

Admittedly, self righteous is probably the wrong way to describe what Scarborough did. He did get a little holier then thou from his, “God help us all from…” But I probably should have said something else considering I missed when he was referring to. I assume he was watching Beck’s 912 special, while I was enjoying the Michigan State Spartans game. Joe Scarborough responded to me saying:

“@ElectJeff I’m being the one being self-righteous? I’m not the tool using sacred scriptures to attack political opponents. Judge not…” (link)

To which I said:

“@JoeNBC Pope JP2 said Matthew 7:1 is most misunderstood verse in Bible, Jesus was specifically taking about hypocrites not all judgements.” (link)

“@JoeNBC .. How else would Paul say later in Galatians 4:16, “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” (link)

“@JoeNBC – And as nutty as @GlennBeck is, he’s getting attacked enough by the Left, do you really need to pile on and call him a ‘tool’?” (link)

Scarborough made a good response with:

“@ElectJeff Read Jesus’ words in the Gospels. Almost all judgments are aimed at religious leaders. He tells us to forgive each other 70×7.” (link)

And while I agree that Jesus did aim most of his ‘judgments” against religious leaders of His time. However, today when we have Liberals, and Democrats who support abortion on demand (for example), should we really just hold our tongues and not say anything to them regarding what scripture says about the sacredness of life? And while you should never attack anyone with the Bible, it is appropriate to use scripture when it’s on topic and to the point. I wrote back to Scarborough saying:

“Let’s agree to disagree @JoeNBC I’m sorry for calling you self righteous. I’m just frustrated w/ fellow conservatives jumping on Beck.” (link)

Joe said:

“@ElectJeff We’re all frustrated. I just want us to lead with intellectual arguments instead of personal attacks. The facts are on our side!” (link)

I didn’t bother pointing out how he had just personally attacked Beck by calling him a “tool” a few minutes ago. I agreed:

“Couldn’t agree more. RT @JoeNBC: @ElectJeff We’re all frustrated. I just want us to lead with intellectual arguments instead of pers. attks” (link)

Joe Scarborough, a former congressman is a good guy. I watch his show when I get a chance and listen to his radio show almost every day. He has the approach that conservatives can make their case by playing more to the center. But sometimes it seems like he tries to pat the Democrats on the back just for the sake of doing so.That’s dangerous because the democrats will punch you in the face while you do it.

I’m in the Rush Limbaugh camp that believes there is virtually zero reasons to try and reach out to the democrats… because they never ever return the favor. For eight years, all President Bush did was try to reach out to the democrats and it got him no where! President Obama has hinted here and there that he wants to reach out to Republicans in his last address to congress. I hope he is telling the truth, time will be his judge. You can watch Joe every morning on MSNBC from 6am to 9am. And on the radio on WABC from 9am to 11am. Follow him on twitter also.