Why Conservatives Need to Vote for Meg Whitman for Governor of California

If a repeat of Jerry Brown as Governor isn’t enough to convince you to cast your
vote for Meg Whitman for Governor of California then consider this reason:

You might think like I did that reapportionment is now handled by an independent
commission, and you are partially correct.  The independent commission was
formed as the result of proposition 11 in 2008 and is responsible for state
Senate, Assembly and Board of Equalization districts based on the 2010 census.
Did you catch the glaring omission?  U.S. Congressional districts are not the
responsibility of the commission, but remain the responsibility of the
California State Legislature which is currently under Democratic control. You can
rest assured that the Democrats will draw lines that increase the number of
Democratic seats in the House of Representatives while reducing the numbers held
by Republicans.  Electing Meg Whitman as Governor of California will provide the
only backstop to unfair reapportionment via the power of her veto pen.

If you are a California conservative who is thinking about sending a message by
staying home on November 2nd, you had better reconsider.  Consider this
scenario.  Suppose that the Republicans regain the House this November, but by a
slimmer margin than expected.  Now suppose that Jerry Brown wins and therefore
becomes a blank check by signing off on the redistricting bill that comes out of the
Democratically controlled state legislature.  Being that California sends a very
large number of representatives to the U.S. Congress, the numbers could swing
enough to tip the balance back in favor of the Democrats.  This could have
serious, long-lasting impact that may not be resolved easily for at least a
decade, if ever.

California conservatives you must think strategically here.
Put aside any bitterness from the primaries and show up on November 2nd and vote
for Meg Whitman for Governor.  And you had better tell your independent and
decline-to-state friends as well, because even if all registered Republicans
showed up on November 2nd, we still do not outnumber registered Democrats in
this state.  Rally up the troops and get out the vote as there are very serious,
long-lasting implications to this election.

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