Case Study: A Smear-How Media Matters Invents Fake Bigotry Charges to Protect George Soros (Parts 1 & 2)

Part 1:What is Media Matters?

You may not believe this,  but it is a very true story. Somewhere under a giant rock, located by the northern part of the Potomac river where it splits and forms a pattern that kind of looks like a wishbone, there is a secret lair filled with computers and television screens. The people who work there spend all day watching Fox news, reading conservative columnists; listening to talk radio and surfing the net trying to identify anyone who disagrees with a project that George (Spooky Dude) Soros is behind. The name of this nefarious organization is Media Matters and its mission is to lie —tell half-truths, let’s face it, they will do anything except deal with the facts in order to try and discredit anyone who disagrees with the “Dude” of “Spooky.”

Maybe I should walk back what I just said just a little. No it’s not true that Media Matters operates in a secret underground lair. It’s also not true that they work under a rock, it just sometimes seems they have to crawl out from under a rock to see the light of day. I am not even sure that they all work in an office filled with computers and TV screens, for all I know they are all freelancers.

The rest, lies, half-truths, ignoring the facts, and serving the “Dude” of “Spooky,” all that is the absolute truth. And on top of all that, they have a rule which says, “If a progressive and a conservative do the same exact thing, only the conservative is to be criticized.”

Today, Media Matters ignored the facts and told half-truths to try and discredit a piece I wrote called Groups Whose Quotes Used By Soros Group to Attack Glenn Beck, Repudiate Anti-Beck Effort, but my “relationship” with Media Matters goes back four months before that, back in October when Media Matters initiated their quest to brand Fox News’ Glenn Beck as an anti-Semite to deflect criticism of the progressive movement and it’s Sugar-Daddy George Soros.

Before continuing, I would be dishonest if I didn’t point out that listening to Glenn Beck’s radio show is part of my everyday routine. I don’t always agree with him, actually sometimes he makes me want to punch the laptop that streams the show, but he always makes me think, and always entertains

But I would be just as dishonest if I didn’t also point out that this spat with the Soros-controlled hit squad is not about Glenn Beck. False charges of Antisemitism are a particular hot button of mine. For some silly reason, every time I hear of someone being bullied with false bigotry charges I feel the need to act (and usually when I act, the bully’s anger is deflected in my direction).

Part 2: The Origin of a Smear or Who’s Smoking Dope?

The Media Matters hit job on Beck started in October during Beck’s three-day TV series outlining George Soros’ political network and looking at Mr. Dude’s background in an attempt to discern what drives his progressive policies. Part of the “Dude’s” biography covered his history as a currency speculator whose sometimes underhanded dealing brought down the British pound sterling. He has also been accused of triggering the economic meltdown of Southeast Asian currencies in 1997.

Beck claimed Soros “rolled the dice in ’97 in Asia, and many, including the Malaysian prime minister, believe it was billionaire speculator George Soros who helped trigger the economic meltdown that spread through Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.”

Media Matters took the fact that Beck related this story and invented some crazy, twisted logic. Try to follow this— since Beck mentioned Soros was accused of doing underhanded dealing by the Malaysian Prime Minister—and since the PM is a serial anti-Semite who once said Soros’ currency dealings were part of a Jewish conspiracy–and since Soros is Jewish—well then that must mean Beck must be a Jew-hater who believes that Jews run the banks. Understand? No, I didn’t think so. It reminds me of those weird questions you used to find on the S.A.T. exam. Remember? —Cat is to Dog as hamburger is to automobile and you would be scratching your head for a few days trying to figure out what the person who created the exam was smoking.

The problem with Media Matters charge (besides the fact that it isn’t true) is Beck did not mention or even hint at the word Jew in his discourse. In the Media Matters playbook that shouldn’t concern anyone because truth is a secondary consideration. When attacking the Media Matters claim, I pointed out if giving the title of underhanded currency speculator to George Soros made one an anti-Semite, there was going to be some real dirty looks when I next attended Shabbos services at Shul, since I have made similar accusations about Soros.

What I didn’t realize at the time, this was actually the beginning of “Spooky Dude” and his team of progressive cronies’ new strategy.

This is just the beginning of the story,as a 3,500 word case study, this is too long to read the full story in one sitting so I invite you to CLICK HERE and  read Part 3: Dumb and Dumberer and the conclusion Part 4: Four-Hundred Progressive Rabbis Choose Politics Over Faith/Attacked by a “Professional Blogger”