GREAT New Online Home For Political Discussion From Lucianne

When I started using the internet as a news source one of the first places I found for conservative thought was Lucianne.com a news aggregator that has been around for ten years. When the folks at Lucianne created a website aggregating blog posts, I was proud to be one of the bloggers selected to participate in BLL as one of the Blogs Lucianne Loves. For the past few months Lucianne has been working on “The Connection”. Part home for conservative discussion, part networking site, the Connection fills a niche’ that is not elsewhere available for conservatives.
I had the opportunity to look at the site when it was still in beta, and I registered for it the day it opened for real (registration is free).
Read all of the information about the site below.  I urge you to sign up and participate. Who knows the conservative you are arguing with may be me.

Lucianne.com, the web’s longest running premier conservative news aggregator, has launched TheConnection, a sister site to the “Lcom’s” News Forum.
Managing Editor of the new site and Lucianne.com, Joshua Goldberg said, “This is something our reader/contributors have been asking to have for a long time and our launch this week seems to have made a lot of them very happy.
Lucianne Goldberg, founder and Publisher of Lucianne News Forum said, “TheConnection is designed very simply. It will permit our readers, who are the people who make Lucianne.com work so well, a ‘virtual place’ to hang out, share information and opinions and be with like-minded people around the world without the fear of the sneer and cold shoulder that conservatives get from liberals at mainstream venues.”
“It’s a wonderful feeling,” said FlyRight, a contributor since 2000, when Lucianne.com was founded.  “To know there is a safe harbor where one can talk to others who share their political beliefs; it’s like a second home and I’m thrilled it’s finally here.”
“Developing this new site required hundreds and hundreds of man-hours of writing code and testing the result.” said Josh Goldberg.  “Our readers support both sites with their donations and we couldn’t do it without them.”  He added, “Lucianne.com’s reporters and editors are the people who read, and register on the site. Our content would not be possible without their input. Therefore, we thought they should be given a place to talk to each other and exchange ideas.”
Functionally, TheConnection differs from other similar sites in that it has ‘Walls’ divided into different topics.  “Ldotters,” as Lucianne.com readers refer to themselves, each have their own ‘wall’ where other Ldotters can post and leave messages for each other.  This allows people to communicate without having to disclose their e-mail addresses.  Although, they are working on implementing email alters for users who opt for them.  Ldotters are able to post videos and pictures in addition to their comments, something that they were not able to do on the main Lucianne.com site.
With the anonymous nature of the main site reader-contributors have not been allowed to communicate with each other outside the web site. Now they will be able to get in touch with each other through TheConnection. “Who knows,” said Mr. Goldberg with a smile, “there may be an Ldotter right next door to you.”