America Votes: Help Pick a Name For the Next Stimulus Plan

Sources are claiming that the White House is considering a second stimulus package before the mid term election–but at all costs do not want to call it a stimulus. While Presidential mouthpiece  Robert Gibbs said there are no plans for a “big new stimulus plan” to goose the sluggish economy. The reports are that he is only talking about the word “Stimulus”

Yesterday, departing WH economist Christina Romer started the stimulus talk when she said:

“The only surefire ways for policymakers to substantially increase aggregate demand in the short run are for the government to spend more and tax less. In my view, we should be moving forward on both fronts.”

Asked at his press briefing Thursday if Romer’s remarks were “setting a stage for a second stimulus,” Gibbs said no, though he added that “we will continue to look at and take steps that are…targeted in nature to help continue the recovery and to help create an environment where the private sector is adding jobs.”

See, no stimulus…but a stimulus. And it will be a creative one, instead of the usual Democratic policy of “tax and spend” its seems like it will be “cut tax and spend” Now it makes sense, that’s why they don’t want to call the next stimulus, a stimulus.

The White House is seriously weighing a package of business tax breaks – potentially worth hundreds of billions of dollars – to spur hiring and combat Republican charges that Democratic tax policies hurt small businesses according to beltway insiders.

Administration officials have struggled to develop new economic policies and an effective message to blunt expected Republican gains in Congress and defuse complaints from Democrats that President Obama is fumbling the issue most important to voters. Following Obama’s vacation and focus on foreign policy in recent weeks, White House advisers have arranged a series of economic events for the president next week, including two trips to swing states and a news conference.

“We’ll continue to do everything we can, understanding that recovery will require persistent effort. There are no silver bullets,” senior Obama adviser David Axelrod said in an interview Thursday. “At the same time, we have to make clear our ideas and theirs, and the fact that the Washington Republicans, having helped create this recession, have attempted to block our every effort to deal with it.”

The reason for the sudden move toward the economy is that some Democratic candidates and pundits are complaining that  president is not doing enough to help them keep control of Congress. They are  privately expressing frustration that Obama has recently emphasized issues other than the economy.

“We did the mosque, Katrina, Iraq, and now Middle East peace?” said a Democratic strategist who works closely with multiple candidates and spoke on the condition of anonymity. “And in between you redo the Oval Office? It has become a joke.”

But it is a joke no longer, the President is working on being creative, thinking outside of the putting green. And he has come up with a creative solution.  Instead of plain old tax cuts, which may spur a recovery, the administration is thinking of more Keynesian-type spending and tax cuts the perfect way to accelerate America’s slide into bankruptcy.

Since the President just got home from vacation…again, and is going away for Labor Day Weekend, we don’t want him to get a mind strain. He shouldn’t have to think up a non-stimulus way of saying stimulus. So we here at the Lid want to help  him out. Below are ten suggestions of what we can call the next stimulus er thingy  please vote for one and the winner will be announced on labor day.


What Should The Next Stimulus Be Called ???
Hurricane Obama

Jobsstop 2010

Screwus Maximus

Pigus Pokeus

Taxpayer Tithe



Federal Deficit Enhancement Program


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