Dana Loesch Eviscerates Matt Taibbi on CNN-Must Watch Video

If you are not Familiar with Dana Loesch you should be. She hosts a radio show,The Dana Show, on KFTK 97.1 FM, she is a tea party activist, editor of two blogs one about family called Mamalogues and a political issue oriented blog. Dana is the co-host of PJTV’s new Tea Party TV and a tireless advocate for getting the government off our backs.

Although she is not running for office (she should) Dana is the ultimate Mama Grizzly. When confronted with the typical progressive attacks during a TV appearance, she doesn’t get crazy and start yelling, in a calm voice she takes them apart piece by piece. And leaves the progressive with the same funny guilty look on their face that a kid has when they have been scolded by their mom.

On Wednesday she appeared on the Anderson Cooper 360 show and debated the Glenn Beck rally with Matt Taibbi, who’s latest Rolling Stone article is called “The Tea Party is Perverted and Irrelevant”

The clip below is five minutes long, and Dana’s evisceration starts about half-way through. (If you cannot see video below, click here)

Jeff Dunetz is editor of the Political Blog The Lid, a contributor to American Thinker, Big Government,Big HollywoodBig Journalism, and Big Peace, and a Red State diarist

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