Palestinian-American Claims 'Islamophobia' after Losing Job for Sexting

This is something that could only happen in our overly PC litigious society. Former Homestead Florida City Manager Mohammad Aref “Mike” Shehadeh, a man of Palestinian descent  was fired from his nearly $180,000 city government job after allegedly viewing a fetish website at work and sending sexually suggestive text messages to a subordinate on his city-issued Blackberry.

Shehadeh filed a lawsuit for breach of contract and a complaint U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The lawsuit seeks $1.3 million over contentions that he was fired without reason. His EEOC complaint said it was discrimination:

Petitioner was constantly subject to a discriminatory work environment and discriminatory practices against him based on his religion [Muslim] and ethnicity [Arab-Palestinian],”

The truth is that he was fired for conduct unbecoming a city manager  after a private investigative firm reported the results of its probe into his work activities. The probe revealed that Shehadeh used his city computer to spend time at Arab dating websites, with more than 300 visits. The probe also founded solicited business for his brother’s firm, engaged in political activities on behalf of some council members, and visited Goddess Qetesh.com, a dominatrix website.

The hostess of GoddessQetesh.com describes herself as being interested in forced bi-curious activities, and states that she is seeking personal and financial slave servants.

The hostess further states that she enjoys doling out whippings, public humiliation and other risqué desires.

All of that is OK  on your own computer but not at work and not directed to you subordinate. Just two days after Homestead council members voted 6 to 1 to fire Shehadeh from his $179,431-a-year job, concerns surfaced about his use of a city-issued Blackberry to engage in countless incidents of “sexting.” His sexting parter, former Deputy City Manager Johanna Faddis,was also fired.

Who does Shehadeh say his oppressor is? Who else the Vice mayor with the Jewish sounding name

The complaint, he cites numerous incidents involving Homestead Vice Mayor Judy Waldman and her husband as examples of religious and national origin bigotry that he endured.“For years, Petitioner was subjected to harassment, blackmail, threats and mental anguish at the hands of Waldman,” the complaint alleges.

The complaint further states that, during one encounter, Waldman’s husband referred to him as the “Palestinian City Manager.”

“Since there is pending litigation, I am reluctant to comment,” Waldman said when contacted. “However, statements made in the complaint are false and outrageous.” Waldman is a life-long Christian and former Sunday school teacher. Her husband is a non-practicing Jew, Waldman explained.

She said she regularly gave out Christmas gifts to city employees, including Shehadeh, who always accepted them. She said the complaint is the first time she has been made aware that Shehadeh does not recognize Christmas.

Do you notice that nowhere does Shehadeh deny the sexting and porn site visiting. His sexting partner has not complained that she was fired, and despite the fact that he said he was subjected to harassment for years, there were no complaints before they found him using the city’s computer to visit GoddessQetesh.com.

Our overly politically correct society has made it easy to use charges of harassment and discrimination as a way to blunt real workplace disciplinary actions. The reason is simple, our society is too afraid of offending people. Sadly the false discrimination charges often work, which increases the fear. It is a never-ending cycle that serves to cast doubt on real discrimination when it happens.