What The Pro-Amnesty Forces Aren't Telling You About Illegal Immigration

Ever since Arizona decided to enforce the immigration laws that the federal government has been ignoring, the progressive lines has been have been flying, “this will lead to racial profiling,”  “This is a racist law,” or “the radical right is bringing back Jim Crow laws, just to name a few.  To be truthful, if this law opens a portal to racial profiling, so does the Cop who asks you for your license when you go through a red light or the lady at Walbaums who asks you for an ID to cash a check, and even the guy at 7 Eleven who asks you for ID before he sells you a case of Bud.

At one side of this battle are the residents of Arizona who have been under siege from elements of the drug trade coming up from Mexico. On the other side is the progressive movement who sees an amnesty for Illegal immigrants as a way of gaining enough votes to guarantee the continuation of their effort to change America into a nation of perpetual mediocrity.

While the Attorney General Eric Holder looks for a way to sue Arizona over its new law, his own justice department issued a report that explained why the law was needed.

These facts are reported in the recently released National Drug Threat Assessment for 2010, published by the National Drug Intelligence Center, a division of the U.S. Justice Department. They ought to add some perspective to the national debate raging over Arizona’s new law that requires local law enforcement officers to make a “reasonable attempt” to determine the immigration status of persons they legally come into contact with and whom they reasonably suspect of being in the country illegally

Assaults on Border Patrol agents have massively escalated in recent years, according to the Justice Department threat assessment, which was released on March 25. “Assaults against U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) agents increased 46 percent from 752 incidents in FY2006 to 1,097 incidents in FY 2008,” says the assessment. Given that there are 365 days in the year, 1,097 assaults equals 3 per day.

“Contributing most to this increase were rocking assaults, which rose 77 percent from 435 incidents in FY2006 to 769 incidents in FY2008,” said the assessment. A “rocking assault,” the assessment explains, “is defined as the throwing of rocks at Border Patrol agents by drug or alien smugglers with the intent of threatening or causing physical harm to the agent.”

Along with the violence against border agents, Phoenix has acheived the dubious nickname of the kidnapping capital of America.

“Although much of the violence attributed to conflicts over control of the smuggling routes has been confined to Mexico, some has occurred in the United States,” says the Justice Department assessment. “Violence in the United States … has been limited primarily to attacks against alien smuggling organization (ASO) members and their families—some of whom have sought refuge from violence in Mexico by moving to U.S. border communities such as Phoenix. For example, in recent years, kidnappings in Phoenix have numbered in the hundreds, with 260 in 2007, 299 in 2008, and 267 in 2009.”

The 267 kidnappings in Phoenix in 2009 equals one kidnapping every 1.37 days—or one every 35 hours.

Most of the Drugs flowing into the United Sates come from Mexican drug trafficking organizations (DTOs), which increasingly dominate the U.S. market for illegal drugs, and the pipeline flow through the Southwest US.

“Mexican DTOs continue to represent the single greatest drug trafficking threat to the United States,” says the Justice Department assessment. “Mexican DTOs, already the predominant wholesale suppliers of illicit drugs in the United States, are gaining even greater strength in eastern drug markets where Columbian DTO strength is diminishing.”

Drug production is up in Mexico, the assessment said, and thanks to a massive network of criminal gangs on this side of the border with whom they can do business, the Mexican DTOs now distribute their wares in communities all across America.

“Mexican DTOs increased the flow of several drugs (heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana) into the United States, primarily because they increased production of those drugs in Mexico,” said the assessment.

The real truth is the opposition to the Arizona Law is performing a cynical trick on the rest of America, they are using this controversy to profile the good people of Arizona as racists.

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