Obama Could Have Used a Slaughter Rule For Interview With Bret Baier

Remember the slaughter rule? Not the Congressional one, but the one from Little League when a team was winning by seven or more runs the game was called after five inning so the losing team would not have to be embarrassed anymore.

President Obama needed a slaughter rule tonight, Bret Baier beat him to a Pulp. It seemed as if, just like many of the members of congress, the President had no freaking idea of what was in the bill. The President tried to tap dance around each of Baier’s questions but it wasn’t working, he had two left feet. For the first time since he popped up on the political scene I felt bad for the POTUS, he seemed intimidated. It was the first time Barack Obama has ever been substantially challenged on the issues.

Obama was at his worst when he tried to explain how the $500 billion cut in Medicare could be spent in two different places at the same time. His  defense of the “Louisiana Purchase” was almost as Pathetic.

The President gave the impression that he was surprised by the interview.  Usually he is able to walk through interviews. It’s been a very long time since the President was subjected to anything but a “powder-puff” session with a reporter, heck even Bill O’Reilly let Obama off the hook. But Bret Baier was tenacious in the face of the President’s attempt to dodge every question.

Who ever came up with the Idea to have viewers submit the questions Baier was to ask should get a raise from Fox, because the move was brilliant. Being able to counter the President’s rope-a-dopes on the process questions by saying that this is what the people wanted to know gave them legitimacy. Especially when asked by Baier.  The guy looks as if he was an alter-boy. Heck, the guy looks as if he is STILL an alter-boy. Every time the POTUS countered by skipping the question and going straight for his “talking points” it showcased the true Obama…a man out of touch with what the ,people want to know, as well as being out of touch the the people’s desires about the pending health care legislation.

Baier’s interview of President Obama should be shown to the impostors at the other networks, so they can learn how to conduct an interview. Now we can understand why Fox News gets 3x the ratings of the other networks.  Bret showed the rest of the press how to do it from now on if they want to be considered real journalists. I doubt very highly that the President will risk a rematch with Fox (with the exception of Shepard Smith who is more like an MSNBC in Fox clothing.

As for the President, win or lose the health care battle this may be the end of the “free ride” he as been getting from the mainstream media. Bret Baier has shown that the great communicator is really a Naked emperor.