Hey guys,
Who creates jobs? Depends on whom you ask.  If you’re asking Nancy Pelosi or the Obama Administration, they’ll tell you the government creates jobs.  If you were to ask the rest of us, we know small businesses are responsible for job creation.
In the midst of the Great Recession, we need to do everything in our power to get Americans back to work.  Yet Washington politicians continue to create a culture of uncertainty in our economy.  ObamaCare, Cap & Trade, and bolstering labor unions with “Card Check” legislation all cause small businesses to doubt their ability to make profits in the coming years. This prompts many companies to stop hiring or, worse, close shop and ship jobs overseas.

In short, the policies coming out of Washington aren’t improving our economy; they’re prolonging the recession, increasing unemployment, stifling job creation, and racking up massive amounts of debt.

And if Washington hadn’t already proven that they were completely tone deaf, Congress is set to raise taxes on every American.  If Congress doesn’t act to extend the tax cuts, 88 million taxpayers in the lowest tax bracket will pay an additional $500 per year.  Middle-income families will see an average increase of $1,500 per year; and small business owners will pay more in capital gains, income, and inheritance taxes.
As one conservative leader recently said: “raising taxes on job creators won’t create jobs.”  I agree completely!  That is why, in disagreement with my Democrat opponent, I support a tax cut for every American.  As your next Congressman, I want to bring certainty back to our economy.  We can do that by reducing the tax burden on hard working Americans, easing government regulation, and quite simply getting the government out of the way!

I’m a small business owner, and I know that if we’ll simply return our government to the Constitution and manage our nation’s finances like we would manage our own that our economy will come rocketing back.

God Bless

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Jeff Duncan is a small-business owner from Laurens, South Carolina and is the Republican nominee for Congress in the Third Congressional District. Jeff has been endorsed by the NRA, along with numerous conservative groups for his proven record of fighting against wasteful government spending and upholding the Constitution.